Alex Dragas
by on February 3, 2020
From the state-of-the-art skyscrapers to ancient traditional Chinese buildings, Hong Kong is truly one of Asia's most beautiful gems. This island has been one of the most desirable destinations worldwide and in the following article, we will dissect some of the best qualities it has to offer to a tourist and places you must visit.
Firstly, let's get acquainted with Hong Kong's architecture. The city mostly consists of modern and futuristic looking buildings and because of that, it was nicknamed the Concrete Jungle. Skyscrapers, tall buildings, and the beautiful mountains that surround the city complement each other, creating a truly breathtaking view in the process. Visiting the Victoria Peak, Hong Kong's highest point and snapping a few pictures for their social media accounts should be any tourist's priority during their stay. The signature stamp of many Asian cities is their broad selection of creative and beautiful marketplaces, and Hong Kong is no different.
Temple Street Night Market is the name of the unique marketplace that begins its working hours once the sun falls, with merchants preparing their wares for sale. Tourists can get the taste of Hong Kong's rich history and unique lifestyle by trying various forms of delicious food that is available or purchasing other traditional memorabilia like souvenirs or clothes. In the market's center, you can find the Tin Hau temple, a monument dedicated to the Chinese Goddess of the Sea. It is an exquisite testament that truly depicts the beauty of old Chinese architecture and should be visited. Moving on, we will talk about the world's largest light and sound show which takes place daily named the Symphony of Lights. This display features numerous flashy lasers that transform buildings into a colorful canvas in the nighttime. Much like the Tin Hau temple is the next location we will discuss, named the Man Mo temple. It is a monument dedicated to Man Cheong, the Chinese god of literature, and Mo Tai, the god of war. The temple's exclusiveness lies in the fact that it is permanently incense-scented, creating a beautiful atmosphere for tourists. Furthermore, another beautiful monument tourists must explore is the massive Buddha statue located in the center of the island. It is a massive bronze statue that lies upon a hill, celebrating the unbreakable bond between nature and humans.
Tourists can visit the temple free of charge and enjoy the small details that are paved into the creation of this beautiful statue. While Repulse Bay might not be the most appealing name at first, it is the name of a gorgeous sandy beach that lies on the southern shore of Hong Kong where tourists and visitors can spend their time relaxing and soaking up the sunny rays or drinking cocktails. Another great advice for tourists seeking relaxation is to get a Hong Kong massage, a unique body treatment exclusive to this area that focuses on improving muscle metabolism and relieving fatigue.
On the other hand, adventure-seeking visitors can spend their day in Hong Kong's Disneyland that features all of the well-known Disney characters we grew up to know and love. The adventure park boasts various rollercoasters, magical castles and other architectural wonders that both children and adults can enjoy and appreciate. If Disneyland did not fulfill your desire for adventure, Hong Kong has one of the world's most renowned horse racing venues named the Happy Valley racecourse. The venue is distinguished for its rich history that dates to the 19th century and for providing the viewers a unique horse-racing experience that takes place in the nighttime. It is very popular with both tourists and locals too, who even watch races mid-week.
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