by on February 15, 2016
Each day you live is for the first and last time, and a day spent on traveling and exploring is nothing less than a compliment to your DAY.
We always remember our firsts…..
Doesn’t we,
Our first salary ,first job,first school friend ,and many more firsts.
Like this one, my first blog. Even I can’t forget about my first …
Trip yeah trip with my friends for 2 days. It was first time when my mom dad allowed me to go out with my friends for being out at night, for a stereotypical middle class family its huge too ask for.
Clothes, sports shoes, moms tiffin and I was ready to go. Lonavala a peaceful place outside THE FAST MOVING MUMBAI that connects to nature without hurting much to my dad’s pocket.
Friday morning we 5 college buddies went by Abhay’s car by 8’o clock, after 3hrs of amazing long drive came to an end at kumar’s villa, it was located at inner part of city between greenery mountains cold breeze and july rains.
After having breakfast and mom’s yummy tiffin we decided to head towards Bhushi dam, the way to reach there was pretty amazing one for me like stony roads a small pond type area in between then again you have to climb up through large stones but once you reach there its something worth going . Rainy season are best time to be there, when water fills up the dam and it overflows from staircases, when you sit at the staircase you could feel cold water spatting your back, rains ,if you are with your friends then definetly someone would be splashing water at you like Riya did. I was literally shivering there, but nothing a hot chai and sweet corn couldn’t make out. When we climbed even further passing dam above mountains almost 15000ft above sea level Men!! Something worth hiking after few minutes. An eye treat.
We were standing right above a mountain surrounding many others it was such delightfulplace.
I guess that place ,that moment was the untold reason behind our trip ,the serenity, peace , fresh air ,positivity ,laughs, away from our normal day just to cherish nature,my 4th of july moment. Though it is a Bollywood dialogue, “ aisi jagah log philosophical kyu ho jate hai??” ironic hmm? Actually, it did made me grateful for everything my life,family,that moment .
After changing and having some spicy food at a local restaurant we went ahead to karla caves,having essence of Buddhism and Hinduism ,even if you are not an history gig you will still love the large pillars with beautiful carvings and inscriptions ,sculptures of elephants,lions ,connecting us to past.
Today night we had to head towards home back so we just had today, so, it was time for doing something adventurous ,something breath taking and unlike our usual activities.
So we decided to go to Della Adventure .
But the best part of that place was unlike its name it was for every one. From grand parents to grand childrens with so many indoor and outdoor activities. And For adventure lovers,it had some of the activities that would be definetly in their bucket list .
I started with selfies…what I am a girl so that’s an important activity. Followed by my next love BIKES, every I literally mean every girl loves bike. So guys a secret tip if you wanna impress a girl teach her bikes. Anyways I did swoop swing , bungee tampoline, aqua zorbing with a friend ,buggy ride ,flying fox , and best part was rocket ejector it had actually took my breath,and many more activities even remembering those days is making me go again to that moment.
That place is somewhere I’ll really recommend .
P.S. though I have not been paid for such advertisement………
Time just flew away and it was time for us to leave .
You know what’s the best part about travelling is… we go with some bags but return with a large bag full of memories that never cease to take us back there, without any tickets ,visas,passport .
So go travel folks would connect you with my next exploration.
Maddy ;)