Alex Dragas
by on January 2, 2020
Hong Kong is one of the best countries to travel to, especially in the Asian region. The best thing to do when travelling to a country for the first time is to be knowledgeable about some travelling tips in that specific country. In this case, it's Hong Kong. It's easy to get overwhelmed and get lost in the culture and lifestyle of a new country, after all. Whether it's worrying about which tourist destinations to go to first, or arranging your visa and passport, it can get a little overwhelming, especially if you're a first time traveler. With this being said, the following are some travelling tips you can benefit from if you choose Hong Kong as your travel destination:
#1 Get an octopus card
Deciding to get an octopus card can be one of the most convenient decisions as a tourist in Hong Kong. It's similar to that of a prepaid debit card which is accessible all over Hong Kong. It can be a real struggle to keep gathering coins for every MTR journey to various destinations. With having an octopus card, you can just simply scan your card and the payment is deducted from there. Your travels and all your payments would be made more convenient than ever. You'll find that the best octopus card for tourists is the "On-Loan Octopus" which has a requirement for your end to pay 50 HK dollars, which is a refundable deposit.
#2 Choose a central hotel
In deciding on your accommodation and on which hotel to stay in, the first step is choosing whether you're staying in Hong Kong Island or the Kowloon side. However, you can find that in Hong Kong Island, there's an area known as Central, which is conveniently nearby the Central MTR station with various restaurants nearby.
#3 Find cheap restaurants to dine in
It's a known fact that Hong Kong generally has expensive restaurants, which is why it's good to have knowledge on cheap restaurants. To find out the cheap restaurants, it's recommendable to go on a Hong Kong Foodie Tour. With this, you'll be exposed to the best kinds of food in Hong Kong and the cheapest ones. One of the known cheap places to eat in Hong Kong are Dim Sum Square on Hong Kong Island. Other than that, the only places where you could find a meal under 5 HK Dollars was McDonalds.
#4 Learn to eat in chopsticks
Most restaurants don't have the normal American utensils such as spoon, fork and knife. It's going to be challenging for you if you find specific restaurants that have these utensils, or if you have to force yourself to use chopsticks without knowing how to. If you know how to use chopsticks, this would make your dining experience so much easier.
#5 Find time to relax
Exploring this city can take a toll on you and make you and your body extremely tired so that's why you need to find relaxation methods that will help you and give you strength to continue this beautiful journey. One way of doing that is taking a relaxing Hong Kong massage , it's one of the best ways to relieve stress from your body and feel like a fresh, new person.
In the end, these are just some tricks for tourists to make their travelling life easier in Hong Kong. Whether you're travelling for the first time or not, these are bound to make you feel less overwhelmed with the new culture you've been exposed to.