Kaustubh Dev
by on February 14, 2016
I was born in nineties and grew up humming along the tunes like,"Dil Chahta Hai". It wasn't until i reached my adolescence that i realized what the movie was really about.Friendship. And that made it my favourite movie of all time. So i had promised myself that someday i would go on a trip to goa with my friends. The chance presented itself last month. A plan was made and i packed my bags, bought the cheapest available train ticket from aluva railway station to thivim (will explain the reason i chose thivim later on) and went on a dream trip to "LAS VEGAS of India: GOA". My two buddies boarded the same train later on.
So, when one goes to goa he/she has options to choose from madgao, thivim or vasco da gama as their destination. This may look confusing but it sorts itself out as soon as you look at the geography of the state. Thivim lies near the coastal areas and hence it was the obvious choice ( Boys like beaches.DUH). The next task at hand was to for a place to stay and find the means of transportation. Lucky for me i was travelling with a friend who had a few contacts in the city.He got us a place to stay in Mapusa region (around 10km from the station). It was a very hospitable place to be at and the price of accommodation was way below the ones for which Goa is infamous. From their on it was a piece of cake. We rented scooties as they provided good mileage and hence were economical. Goa can be said to be one of the prime tourist capitals of the country as it attracts a large number of foreign as well as domestic tourists every year but months between Dec-Feb are most crowded and hence more fun to visit.
First on the list of places to visit was Arambol beach. What i loved about Arambol was the way the shacks were positioned on the beach. Its a very safe beach to be on as there is constant surveillance and water level also stays optimum. We enjoyed a good old three way water wrestling over there (and made complete fool of ourselves in front of the girls watching :p). After Arambol we were supposed to go to Candolim for the evening but somehow a thought about the famous "SUNBURN" festival crossed my mind and we ended up in Vagatore. See ever year the Sunburn is organised at the beach of vagatore as it is very spacious, has insane graffitis and a view to die for. So after driving our scooties for 20km we reached our destination (before this trip i never truly valued the importance of Google Maps ). Vagatore is a full of rocks which provide a great spot to get clicked at. And 160 feet above the beach lies the Vagatore/Chapora fort which offers the best sunset spot you will ever come across. You have to hike your way up to the top. It can be a task which may leave you short of your breath a few times but trust me, "its worth all the effort". Chapora is one of those places where you just loose yourself and the track of time. The view is captivaing and no matter how hard you try, you wont be able to see the horizon. By the time we bid farewell to chapora sun had set and Goa was beginning to show its true colors. If you are a party animal then Goa is your gig. The beach of BAGA is the most happening place in the city. There are too many clubs to keep count of over there. You won't see your nightlife the same way once you have partied in BAGA. After the party, i found my solace in a pizza slice, a corona bottle and sound of the sea. At 2 am in the morning, while just sitting on the sand, i felt serenity, i felt peace.( Just to be clear, i wasn't high).At some point the night took a toll on us and we called it a night/day, whatever.
There lies an adventure seeker in every boy. The next day was all about that. Water Sports. Goa offers loads of stuff under every price tag under the sun when it comes to that. We found our rush in the "banana boat ride" on the beach of Candolim. A ride where you are saddled on to a tube, tied to a speeding motor boat and hurled at an insane speed into the deep sea. It gives you rush, thinking about which i still get goosebumps. From there on we went to the capital, Panjim.
Indian Law System states it illegal to gamble or poker in any form on the indial soil,well no one said anything about that done on the sea. Cheers to whoever figured out that loophole, because due to that Goa makes a large amount of money from cruise casino business. Unlucky for us we didnt have the money needed to enjoy that experience but nonetheless the road trip to panjim in itself was worth it.
The next day it was time to say Goodbye to Goa. This trip gave me memories to cherish for the rest of my life. All in all we covered 350 kms on ur scooties in less than 48 hrs. Thinking about that now makes me feel proud.
Goa offers much more than what i have mentioned above.If you are of spiritual mind then Old Goa has lots in store for you. That place is rich in history and culture as well. There are churches older than a century still standing as mighty as if they were finished yesterday.
To cap it all off, I can say that when you are in Goa all you will think of is "Dil Chahta Hai. Kabhi na beetein chamkile din"and by the time you leave you wont be the same person you once were.
When i lost myself at Chapora
Light burns low at BAGA
A sunset like none other at Vagatore