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These case study include looking at the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant and also looking at the functioning of the SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition).There is also a discussion of the Davis-Besse incident as well as the how it triggered the SCADA failure as well as look at the case against Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant.
Preparing the case study made it clear that the finding was to give very essential information regarding the plant and its operations. Davis 鈥揃esse Nuclear Power Station is located in Oak Harbor in Ottawa County Authentic Landon Collins Jersey , Ohio, United States. It has a single pressurized water reactor and by 2011 it was the FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company subsidiary of the FirstEnergy Corp. The First Energy has had a series of incidents since inception where in 1972 there was massive flooding in the plant, 1985 submerge of a water coolant by Uranium fuels, Tornado in June 1198 caused loss of power in the plant Authentic Alex Smith Jersey , in 2002, neglected leak, In 2003 there was a worm attack on the organization鈥檚 networks, in 2004 a corroded lid Authentic Sean Taylor Jersey , in 2010 cracks in the new lid and replacement in ble seem to follow the plant but let鈥檚 look at the 2003 incident.
There was also the Jan, 2003 incident where a slammers worm infected the computer systems at the plant, Ohio. The worm travelled to the network of the corporation through a consultant鈥檚 network a licensee for the plant and then ended up in the process control network for the plant. The corporation was clogged by the worm as well as the control networks. The Safety Parameter Display Systems (SPDS) was inaccessible for four hours and fifty minutes by the plant personnel. The data was still reliable as the slammer did not affect the analogue readouts.
What led to the slammer affecting the organization network was not the lack of a firewall by the organization to protect its network it was a connection behind the firewall. This connection behind the fire wall was created by a consultant that led to the consultancy office network and it is what allowed the slammer to by. Wholesale Nike Shoes MensWholesale Authentic Jordan ShoesWholesale Air Max TNWholesale Nike Vapormax ShoesWholesale Nike Shoes OutletCheap Air Jordans ChinaWholesale Nike ShoesCheap Authentic Air MaxWholesale Air Max WomensWholesale Womens Air Max