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7 friends standing in the corridor of their college discussing about their next trip's destination, and among them was I, who vouched for Kasol... the place I've only heard of. Most of my friends refused to go owing to the upcoming exams which were starting from next week onwards, but 3 of us packed our bags and left for Kasol the very next night. We 3 bold boys, going to Kasol for the first time despite knowing that the season was prone to landslides etc., started off very well :)
We boarded a HPTDC bus from Kashmiri gate, costing us around 540 bucks each, and took 15 hours to reach Bhuntar, contradicting all the time limits we read on different travel blogs and sites. We were half wet because the rain started at its best. Then, after the tiring long journey, we hopped on a local bus which transferred us from Bhuntar to Kasol in 90 minutes (Rs. 45 each). Till then, we were somewhat regretting the risk which we had taken. Thereafter, "This is Kasol, Please get down" said the conductor. Just when I got off the bus, I took a 360 degree view around me and three words automatically came out of my mouth "HEAVEN, this is". All of us watched each other and smiled for a while. Snowcapped mountains, huge pine trees, a beautiful river, signboards for Cafes, and colourful shops alongside the road, it seemed as if God made all of it with its own hands. All our stress, tiredness was gone in a second and we were propelled with fresh positive energy and excitement, such was the magic in Kasol's air :)
"Hashish....Charas lelo....Hash lelo" shouted the poor guy who welocomed us in town. We couldn't believe what we heard. "This is not India, bro" whispered my friend, and indeed, that place was out of one's imagination. We hired a pretty nice room for 2 days @ 300/night, and the room had a fine bed, blankets, even a working geyser. There are places near kasol to spend ample of time, we walked to manikaran and enjoyed the natural hot water springs, after which we spent an hour clicking pictures near Parvati river,then, we trekked to Chalal, another beautiful village near Kasol, and home to lots of great Cafes. After our lunch, we went to Barshaini, owing to my friends' interest in seeing snow, which costed us 1200 bucks for a personal taxi. Although, the whole trip was amazing.
While coming back, we reserved our seats in a Volvo by a local dealer in Kasol only, and that was for 950, in which we were checked by the Police with a hope that we were carrying illegal stuff, but luckily, we didn't, and thus, we reached home safe. Thuskasol (5).jpg
, Kasol will always be among the few unforgettable tours of my life.