Akshita Sabharwal
by on February 3, 2016
Though am not a traveller but I am the “I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list” kind, and one day I surely intend on seeing a lot of things and I believe in making judgments of my own, at least for the places you have to travel (wink) but one can always take ideas from others and absorb the parts they want to.
So one day, few years ago, with an I don’t know where I am going but I am on my way attitude, my family and a family friend of ours got into our cars with a plan of going somewhere nearby. Since I belong to Bhopal (M.P.) our options were limited as we had plans to go nearby so we started with the Bhojpur Temple which is a famous huge heritage active temple of lord Shiva in Madhya Pradesh state. It would have been some 35km far from Bhopal and is famous as an archaeological site because of its magnificent remains of Shiva Temple and Cyclopean dam.
The temple is definitely one of the finest examples of temple architecture ever seen, may be one can call it the Somnath of East.
So after taking the blessings of Lord Shiva and a couple of photo shoots later it was decided that the day has just begun and we can definitely go beyond.
What possibly could our next destination be though? The answer to the question did not take long as a sign board helped and it was decided that Bimbetka rock shelters be our next stop.
I do like seeing new places but I experience motion sickness too so I was tired of sitting in the car and wondering if the amount of travelling we were doing was it even worth it? But on reaching Bhimbetka Rock Shelters I was relieved, am not sure about its location but I think it was near Abdullaganj ,which was again a archaeological site and exhibited some beautiful stories carved on the walls in the form of paintings.
I overheard people talking that the shelters were some 25,000- 30,000 years old and was awestruck by the fact that yet there were so well- preserved. And that was the time when we were studying medieval period (which I do not remember now) so I was even more fascinated as my learning is being put to some use.
I can say for sure that visiting these two places could be a treat for those who love to see the things from the past.
Then we took lunch from a nearby dhaba and all of a sudden the idea of going to Pachmarhi struck to my father who has always been a travelling enthusiast. The idea of sitting for some more hours in the car almost paralysed me but what other choice did I have.
So now our boat started sailing in the direction of Pachmarhi and as my father had some contacts, the arrangements for staying overnight were made in a hotel.
On our way to the hotel we stopped at the Sunset point and we were lucky enough to experience the sunset, mesmerizing indeed! Also it was the first time that I witnessed a sunset in such a beautiful manner and was in a hill station so my excitement knew no bounds and in mind I was jumping like yeah, am actually seeing new stuff!
Then after reaching the Pachmarhi Rock End Manor hotel, which did not appear like a hotel to me but as if I was visiting some royal place, we took some rest and visited the markets nearby and had dinner in our rooms itself. Having delicious food in an awesome room is something I love.
Then the reception guy told us about the Bee Falls and my love for swimming pushed my father to take me there. In the morning as we woke up and after all the necessary chores, we left for bee falls after having breakfast. It was our designated bath place for the day. We enjoyed the waterfall and many people around were doing the same.
There was an artificial cascade of water too. After enjoying ourselves to the fullest we left for our hotel again and had a bath there too as a bath in bath tub is mandatory when you visit a hotel and finally checked out after lunch.
Now we were finally on our way back home with a content feeling and I could finally say that the travelling was worth it! And I just couldn’t wait when we would be back again to see what all we missed and reminisce them in times to come.