by on January 31, 2016
hey guys i'm manpreet from amity noida , btech ece 2nd year
'weekends' all friends were partying like hell but we 3 idiots aman , vasu and me were planning something big
we all packed our things and reached kashmiri gate bus stand waiting for the right bus
after struggling for tickets finally we got 3 tickets for manali .
we are party animals so we got all our partying stuff for the journey "vodka" and "buds" .
we all were trouble for everyone, finally we reached there after 16hrs of journey in bus.
we were tired yet excited , weather was awesome and peoples all around so calm and happy.
scored 1T and started booming from the hotel room to every place in parvati valley .
sun , wind , mountains , trees , river , people all seems so good and calm
we all were sick of studies and delhi ,we so need a place to calm and we soon realized this is it !
"every evening was like living in heaven"
the gurgle of river was pounding our soul and we were falling for this place , we were all lost in our thoughts !
beautiful restaurants , people and music best for living here forever !
but as we are college guys can't stay there forever so after 3 days we left that place with a tear and promised to come back again !
guys you should visit kasol , its the best place ever to calm your soul i wish every place could be like this and people could learn how to love , coz all we have is hate in us !!!