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by on May 8, 2019
Valley of Flowers is a beautiful place which is situated in the Chamoli district of Uttrakhand. It is enhancing with the beauty of Western Himalayas. It is a core zone of Nanda Devi Biosphere reserve glad with so many waterfalls and glaciers that can easily catch someone’s eye. It covers the area of 87.5 square kms. Until 1931, Valley of Flowers was unknown to anyone. Some British mountaineers lost their way and they found the Valley and give it the title of Valley of Flowers.
In Valley of flowers, there is a huge variety of flora and fauna. Flowers never seen before can be easily discover here. Some Animals species which are rare and endangered like snow leopard, red fox, blue sheep and musk deer are found here. It is a place where nature blooms everywhere. Beautiful Flowery meadows and majestic peaks are eye catching. It is the most beloved trekking site in India. Valley is a attracting place for all the people who are trekkers, naturalist, botanists, photographers, nature lovers and mountaineers from all over the world.
It is an amazing place covered with natural beauty .It is famous for its rare flower species. Valley of Flowers is a gift of nature and feel like heaven on the earth.
Best time to visit
Valley of Flowers change it colours throughout the season from June to September. Valley of Flowers is in full blossom in the month of July and August. Because it is a rainy season. In these two months one can find those type of flowers which are not grown everywhere.Best time to visit valley of flowers is from July to August. There is so many flowers in valley in this time period. Valley looks so wonderful with variety of flowers, meadows and waterfalls there. In the month of June, snow starts melting and flowers start growing.
Valley of Flowers Trek
For an amazing trekking experience, Valley of Flowers is a better choice. People who wish to trek in Himalayas, for them valley of flowers is a must to do trek. The beauty of valley of flowers is mesmerizing. It requires 4 days for the valley of flowers trek.On first day you start from Govindghat to Ghangharia. Distance covered between is around 16 km. From Govindghat to Pulna till 4 km it is motorable and after that you have to do trek to reach Ghangharia. On second day, to reach valley of flowers from Ghangharia you have to cover 6-8 kms of trek for one side. To do this you need to start your journey early in the morning. In the trek of valley you will enjoy the cascading waterfalls and meadows. Pure water coming through the Glaciers is as transparent as glass. Here you enjoy the abundance beauty of nature. One day is not enough to explore the beauty of valley of flowers. On the another day, you will get a chance to go to the deeper parts of valley.On the 4th day you came back from Ghangharia to Govindghat.
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