January 15, 2016 by
My Travel Resolution for 2016 would be “Don’t just visit a Place… Go on a Journey through it!”
Here are some places which one should visit to experience surreal and heartwarming ambience.
Doha is one of those rare cities that beautifully captures that intangible sensation of prosperity and optimism while strolling through the Souq Waqif , on a visit to the magnificent Oryx monument or even on Doha’s Corniche. Almost minimalistic in design, Doha very effortlessly projects a sense of neat, sleek, classy yet a very culturally ethnic and diverse vibe. Let the beauty of the shining jewel of Qatar seep into one through its sleek sense of geometry, that indescribable yet heart touching ambience and that ethereal skyline that makes Doha the perfect.
With its picturesque landscape and natural beauty, Muscat is a port, the likes of which have never been seen anywhere else in the world. With an aura very different from its neighboring capitals, experience the beauty of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and the nuances that surround in the Corniche area as it lets one enter the Mutrah Souq from the waterfront. Transport yourself into another dimension by stepping into Muscat with its abundantly rich eastern yet modern and sophisticated ambience.
A home to an arts and cultural renaissance, Newark is a melting pot in its every corner. Discovering the art of glassblow as playing with fire at the GlassRoots studio, bite into Ironbound, the district blessed with Portuguese, Spanish and Brazilian delicacies and walk into the the world of Gothic architecture as one enters the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. The rich, culturally diverse experience of this place will sink into the every footstep taken and also not making homesick even for a bit.
The historic old town dazzles with culture in abundance and is very easy to navigate on foot. Breathe in the earthiness and ethnicity by walking into the Souq Al Arsah, the oldest market place in the UAE, the vibrant colors in the Blue Souq with its 600 shops within two wings and the beautiful symmetry of the Clock tower at the Al Zahra. Exploring the beauty that lies in the town with its surreal and heartwarming aura that one will feel instantly.