Aakanksha Sinha
by on January 13, 2016
Vacation is the leisure time one gets after a hectic schedule and it is a must to make the most of it. While few opt for the beaches over mountains, nothing can alter the beauty of the glorious mountains, more precisely, the enormous Himalayas. My 2016 Travel resolution begins with Himachal Pradesh, a north Indian state. Kareri lake, also known as Kumarwah Lake, is situated in a sparsely inhabited southern ranges of Dhalaunder. It is around 10 km north of the famous hill station Dharamshala, situated in Kangra district. The mesmerizing mountain cover every direction and the weather is overwhelmingly pleasant. Kareri lake is inaccessible unless climbed with the help of local guides. The lake remains frozen during most months of the year. The trek is challenging, accomplishing which gives a sense of victory. There is a small shiv temple proximal to the shallow lake. The hike to Kareri can take minimum 3-4 days, giving ample opportunity for the body to acclimatize. The base camp is endowed with all the basic facilities and huge tents. As we head towards the destination, luxury sees a drop with an increment of adventure and Adrenalin rush.
Dharamshala is the closest buzzing town with a considerable population. The town is rendered with several facilities for tourists and a halcyon monastery. It seems like the time has paused when one enters the boundaries of this enchanted fortress. Warm and hospitable locals mingle with the curious visitors, installing the perfect balance between tourists and natives.There is an excellent market place near the Monastery and I can assure that one will enjoy making purchase of souvenirs along with the hot samosas in the chilling breeze. A week in Dharamshala will suffice accomplishing hiking as well as sight seeing. The place gives a neck to neck competition to any hill station of southern Asia and undoubtedly deserves its share of appreciation.