Alex Dragas
by on December 1, 2018
The Austrian, Swiss and French Alps are the default destinations for many skiers and snowboarders and, as such, these countries are a hive of activity during the winter. If you’d like a place away from the multitudes that still affords all of the benefits of the aforementioned hotspots, then you should consider heading on over to sleepy Slovenia. Here's why:
1) Countless ski resorts and trials for cross-country skiing, sledging and snowboarding
Seasoned professionals, intermediates and novices are all taken care of in Slovenia with the country boasting an abundance of terrains to suit all skill sets. Newbies or families just looking to get in on some fun on the snow will find great delight in the Bled resort which sits beside a beautiful lakeside offering a simple terrain for those just grasping the sport. Those in between good and pro level will fit right in in the Vogel ski region which provides an opportunity to try out skiing Bohinj which is an area availing intermediate pistes and a ski school to better your efforts. For the expert skier, the steeper black runs of the country’s most popular resort, i.e. Kranjska Gora, serve up a challenge that pushes abilities to the limit.
2) Breathtaking scenery
Aside from relishing in the adrenaline rush of a good run across glistening powder, Slovenia offers a lot more in terms of sights and wonders. From the beautiful geography of Lake Bled engulfed by a forest of snow-accented pine trees to the unforgettable glacial valley of Logarska Dolina, Slovenia is an enchanting paradise under the alps. It has much more to offer besides countless skiing trails and slopes e.g. the soothingly gorgeous waters of River Soča, Europe’s most visited cave in Postojna among 6 other one-of-a-kind landmarks that are branded as UNESCO World Heritage havens. Slovenia also provides residence to the almost-forgotten and extremely rare breed of Lipizzaner horses that call the Karst Region home.
3) Magnificent cuisine
Good food and drink is certainly an important consideration for any skier as, when you’re not eating, you’ll be ticking away the minutes over a nice, warm native meal or braving the weather with a calming, traditional beverage. Slovenia’s top-notch cuisine meets expectations in this regard and draws from a combination of cultures of its surrounding neighbors. In particular, you’re sure to enjoy the sumptuous wild boar goulash on offer across roadside restaurants by the mountains and the cured meats and pastas that feature across menus as well.
4) Affordable skiing
Over the years, popular skiing locations in Switzerland and the French Alps have seen the skyrocketing of accommodation among other expenses thereby turning into super-rich enclaves that are a preserve of those with deep pockets. If you are put off by the staggering bills in these regions, then look no further than Slovenia which offers really good snow, countless well-groomed slopes and an array of world-class resorts without having to pay through the nose. Moreover, the pistes are less crowded too.
5) An authentic alpine culture
Slovenia adds a new twist to the renowned Alpine tradition of the region with winter and skiing sports reserving special places in the hearts of many locals. It affords the world’s highest ski jump at 2,000m in Kranjska Gora and the country also hosts World Cup ski events every year. With a skiing history spanning back to the 17th century, Slovenia personifies the very culture and spirit of modern skiing.
It might not be the best-known skiing country in Europe, but Slovenia is a skiing paradise that you are sure to fall in love with.
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