January 10, 2016 by
The mere thought of travelling to such a place came to my mind only as i got a friend from that place. Friends tend to influence you and induce a imaginative picture to be painted in your mind when she describes her home, her life over there and how amazing of a place it is to live in. A travel resolution which i want to probably make is to go to Banaras. As people always have this common picture in our mind about the places we have not visited yet like Mexico is basically tacos or Australia is basically Masterchef (Just some limited things we associate to each country or city we know), I thought Banaras is only for temples and not a fun place to go to. But having a friend from there made me realise there is much more than the limited thoughts we have in life. I would like to state the top 3 places which i have heard stories about and would love to go there. They are
a) Assi Ghats
It is a beautiful place to go to and enjoy natural beauty. With a large lake extending the ghats, there is a boating facility also provided alongside to enjoy the place even more. The boating starts early in the morning at about 5:00am when we will be able to look at the rising sun and enjoy and capture that moment forever in our hearts. As the name suggests, its the 80th ghat in varnasi. It’s one of the most beautiful ghats. It has lots of restaurants which serve different cuisines. It’s a very famous tourist spot filled with local handicraft shops having unique designed bags and handicraft materials attracting a lot of attention as India is the country where the handicrafts industry flourishes a lot. Early morning at assi is worth every single second. Watching the sun rise from the other side of the river is beautiful. After which most people indulge themselves at the local eateries for a hearty breakfast. Being a hard on foodie, the word “food” itself is a separate time type of attraction.
b) Ganga Aarti
Every day the ganga river is worshipped. This is a wonderful sight to watch. People get onto the boats to watch the pundits perform. It’s a delightful sight. The whole river looks like it’s lit up with stars because of the diyas flowing in the water.
To conclude, the things which are mentioned are only small part of what exciting things are available in Banaras. The major reason to visit the place is to discover a new place altogether. Hope atleast this resolution come true.