Tanya Cvit
by on June 25, 2018
While traveling to an unexplored location is one of the most wonderful experiences in the world, the journey in itself can be incredibly exhausting. Long haul flights are extremely tiring and uncomfortable and can leave you feeling dehydrated, dull and groggy. However, if you dress right for your next long haul flight, you may end up being in much better spirits than usual when you land. Here are some handy tips on what to wear on the plane to maximize the comfort factor.
1. Layer Up - One can never predict what the temperature would be like on the flight. Sometimes the air conditioning can have you chattering your teeth while in other flights you may feel warm and suffocated. In order to be prepared for either scenario, wear multiple layers of clothing so that you can layer up or layer down as per the temperature. This way, you won't be sweating or shivering on the way to your next travel adventure.
2. Blanket Scarves - A blanket scarf is a great investment because it is not just a stylish piece to accessorize with, it also doubles up as a cozy blanket! The next time you are looking for something to snuggle with on a plane, your scarf will come to the rescue. Also, wearing a blanket scarf on the flight will ensure that you have something warm for your entire trip, in case your accommodation does not provide adequate bedding.
3. Comfortable Footwear - When flying, stay away from any uncomfortable footwear or high heeled shoes. The feet tend to swell up during the flight and the wrong shoes can cause you a lot of pain. Opt for a comfortable pair of espadrilles or sneakers instead. Also, carry a pair of fuzzy socks in your hand luggage so that you can take off your shoes and offer some comfort to your feet once you are settled in your seat.
4. The Right Pants - With athleisure being the latest trend, you will not be frowned upon for wearing yoga pants on the flight. However, if you are not that brave then you can opt for a pair of solid leggings or some loose culottes that will allow your legs to breathe inside the plane. Stay away from skinny jeans or tapered trousers that are tight at the waist or around the hips and calves. Loose pants are the best choice if you wish to avoid cramping and discomfort during the flight.
5. Tops and Tees - Choose a loose t-shirt or top to go with your comfy pants. It is better to stick with longer tops and to avoid cropped designs because you might get cold on the plane and may also have to stretch or bend while storing and retrieving your luggage. Opt for something that leaves some room around the armpit area to avoid ending up in a sweaty mess by the time you land.
These simple tips can make a world of a difference when it comes to being comfortable on a long-haul flight. Practical clothing is the key and multi-tasking items are your best friends when you are flying across oceans. So dress as per these rules the next time you travel and your flight will definitely be a breeze!
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