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by on April 5, 2018
Korcula or the Emerald Isle off the coast of Croatia is one of the many islands located in Southern Dalmatia. Even though it covers an area of only 279 sq. kilometers it has quite a few fun activities for the thousands of visitors that come each year. Here is a list of all the activities to make the best of your visit to Korcula Island.
While there are many fun activities to explore in Korcula, these are some of my favorites.
1) Visit Marco Polo's Home
Before the trend of #Wanderlust even began Marco Polo was busy exploring, traveling the world and getting famous writing. Many believe that Marco Polo was born in Korcula Islands in Croatia. If the travel bug has bitten you perhaps you'd like to visit the home of the explorer that made traveling 'cool'. While there is a small admission fee to enter, children below the age of ten can enter for free. A small portion of the house can be explored from April to October when it is open for visitors. A must-do for all history, mystery and travel lovers.
2) Visit Korcula Islands Famous Beaches
Korcula being surrounded on all sides by water is home to some spectacular beaches. The most popular of these are the Vela Przina, Bilin Zal, and Vaja beaches.
i) Vela Przina - If you are looking for sunny beache with crystal clear water, golden sand, beautiful people and a shore lined with cafes then Vela Przina might just be the spot for you. Located on the Southern side of the Island a mere 15 minutes from the main town, it is an extremely popular spot among the locals as well as the tourists that throng there every year. Just make sure to get there bright and early if you want a good spot and an uninterrupted view of the ocean.
ii) Bilin Zal - While the water may not be as clear as Vela Przina, Bilin Zal offers its visitors the softest sands. The sand and the many eateries around Bilin Zal make it a popular spot for families with kids and young couples in Korcula. If you do plan to spend a day at this beach, you better come equipped with some shade as it offers no natural canopy. Bilin Zal is only 4 kilometers from Lumbarda.
iii) Vaja Beach - There are two reasons you must visit Vaja beach. One - since you need to climb up a hill and walk down a steep slope it's very isolated, so if you want some peace and quiet this is one of the best spots in all of Korcula. The other reason you have to visit is that of the spectacular views. Imagine a shore lined with small white pebbles which are in stark contrast to the deep blue seas.
The panoramic views are truly worth the effort. Vaja beach lies only 15 minutes away from the small fishing village of Rasisce by foot.
3) Discover Some Native Korcula Wines
While it may not be world renowned for wine production Korcula Islands actually produce some fantastic award winning wines. Croatia's Southern Dalmatian region is well known for producing great wines but none like the Posip and Grk from Korcula.
The weather conditions, topography add to the wine producing benefits and you cannot leave the island without having a glass or two. Posip and Grk are both varieties of white wines and you can not find them anywhere (especially Grk) except for the vineyards surrounding Lumbarda. You will miss out on a gastronomical delight is you don't enjoy your glass of wine with the excellent seafood served at all restaurants in Korcula.
4) Cruise Around The Island
Another excellent way to enjoy Korcula is by sailing around it. There are several companies that provide tourists with affordable sailing packages.
A sailors paradise, these clear, calm and pristine waters offer you a different view of the tiny island of Korcula off the coast of Croatia. On your holiday you will see several boats pass by your view and you will wish you were on one. Well, you can be. Hire a boat for an afternoon or an entire day and enjoy the ebb and flow of the tide and you sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy the view. Your safety is always their top priority so pay attention to the crew on deck. If you're nice, you might also be in for some special treat which I dare not mention here. Book a cruise to explore it for yourself.
Korcula Islands are a wonderful getaway from the rushed city life. Enjoy riding around the city streets or take a bicycle to explore the countryside. And of course, there are many luxury hotels in Korcula that will do their best to make the most of your holiday in Korcula.
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