Alex Dragas
by on January 1, 2018
Hong Kong is arguably the hottest tourist destination in Asia, making a favorite spot for people fascinated about Asia. Famous as
the most vertical city in Asia, Hong Kong has something for everyone. The wonderful, compact metropolis is endowed with natural
beauty. Furthermore, this is the city where a rich Chinese culture coexists with innovative global trends.
There are endless things you can do in this Asian art capital. From being a shopaholic, to a foodie, to bar hopping, and even an enlightening trip. Hong Kong has it all.
You can easily get acquainted with Hong Kong being a local than being a
Here are incredible ways to enjoy Hong Kong like a local.
Explore the back streets of Hong Kong with the help of a local guide
Hong Kong consists of many underground transit system that connects to an above-the- ground rail. Besides, there is a vast
bus network to facilitate getting around. Instead of using the normal tour buses for tourists, you can opt for walking tours in the Hong Kong paths. There are many tour companies which offer back street walking tours helping tourists to experience the
normal daily lives of Hong Kong people.
Ride on the world's longest outdoor escalator
Hong Kong happens to be somewhat hilly meaning getting around at the same time enjoying the scenic beauty might be difficult. You can comfortably travel using the mid-level-escalators and set your eyes open for the unique attractions on the streets . You can access the central to mid-level-escalator from Queen's Road Central district. On the way up, you'll have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the restaurants and shops and pass through Hong Kong's oldest street market in Graham street.
Eat local foods
Situated throughout Hong Kong, Dai Pai Dongs is the place where locals flock during a lunch rush. In these food stalls, you'll get an opportunity and try different delicacies such as fish balls, noodles, dim sun, seafood, stir fries, and roasted meats with options suited to every budget.
Step into wet markets
Wet markets are a popular spot where Hong Kong shoppers get their fresh produce at budget-friendly prices. There are wet markets throughout Hong Kong operating round-the-clock. To have a memorable experience, you can avoid the tourist markets at Mongkok's Ladies Market and get into the adjacent Fa Yuen Street market where you'll shop like the locals. It doesn't matter whether you know their language or not, buying stuff here will be absolutely easy.
Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and beauty with Hong Kong Massage
There are both luxurious and budget friendly spas and wellness centers throughout Hong Kong where you can ease your daylight stress away by pampering yourself with a soothing massage.
Experience festivities
Summer, spring, winter or autumn- regardless of the time of the year you are visiting Hong Kong, you are sure to be enthralled by Hong Kong's ancient Chinese cultural celebrations, summer activities, winter wonderland of Christmas spirit, New Year's fireworks, and many vibrant festivities spread across the city. There are also many cultural festivals in the midst of this you'll not want to miss. Stay updated with all the celebrations and happenings in Hong Kong and immerse yourself in your favorite activity.
So there you have it. Visiting Hong Kong presents tourists with the opportunity to revel in the unfamiliar.