Anindya Chakraborty
by on November 15, 2017
It was a regular night when one of my friends suddenly told us to visit some place as because our exam was over! And as a Bengali people,the first place I recommended was 'Shantiniketan',a very special place in Bolpur. We started our journey in the next morning.Around 6 o'clock we started our journey from burdwan and reached around 8 o'clock.It ws a very busy rail station when we reached.Its such a holy place that when I took my first breathe over there,I felt some something amazing,as i'm a big fan of Rabindranath Tagore! And its a place that belongs to him.We hadn't really planned anything,we find a car over there and told him to take us to all popular place in Bolpur.Its such a place where there is a wonderful mixture of the westernisation with traditional culture,a mixture with update things with traditional 'Rabindrik' handicrafts.Most importantly they arrange a gathering of all handicrafts every Saturday,and there is no thing that isn't available there,but slightly different, slightly more wonderful.Each year twice there happens 'basanta utsav' and 'poush mela' where different people from all over the world comes to visit.Its such two festival where people forget about cast, religion,and enjoyesfrom the core of there heart.Most importantly the people over there are so humble that they'll assist you every time with a smile.I'll suggest everyone to visit this place at least once!