Alex Dragas
by on October 30, 2017
If you are planning to go on a trip to Balkan, then you must have already heard that this region is loaded with lots of adventures. Balkans have fascinating European tourist paths and you will surely enjoy your stay here. From warm-hearted locals, beautiful landscape, tasty food, and low priced expenses, having a trip to Balkan can be very worthwhile. Since the Balkan Peninsula is composed of several countries in Europe, planning your whole trip here can be difficult but with the right arrangements to your trip, I'm sure you will have your favorite trips of all time.
Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Without a doubt, Bosnia & Herzegovina is one of the must-visit countries in Balkan. With its title as the "heart of Europe", this country showcases people with the biggest hearts in the continent. With its exceptionally beautiful landscapes, diverse culture, fascinating history, and a great value for those budget-minded travelers, Bosnia & Herzegovina is your one of a kind European tourist destination. One of the best cities here is the Sarajevo . You will surely fall in love with this city because of its sinfully delicious food, the kindness of the locals, surrounding mountain scenery packed up with an unbreakable spirit.
Tips and Advice
If you are traveling this country by road, be sure to check the local information before you set off. Also, be aware of its weather conditions and unexploded landmines especially in the isolated areas. Be sure to always be aware of pickpockets within the cities and public transport. Take extra care in places that are known to be popular among tourists.
If you want to have a summer love story, visiting Croatia might be a good idea. You will surely have a memorable stay here because of its sunny beaches, delicious seafood, finest amphitheaters, incredible national parks, soaring mountains, and a lot more. One of the best attractions here is the Dubrovnik which was also featured on the HBO series Game of Thrones. If you are planning to go on a trip to this country, you might want to check out real estate Croatia for an amazing and good accommodation.
Tips and Advice
If you are planning to rent a car during your stay in this country, be sure to drive carefully and never talk with your phone as this is strictly prohibited in this country. Take ferries and boats as this is the easiest way to go around the island. Be sure to also carry your passport with you for identification purposes. You have to be also aware with landmines, especially in isolated areas.
Montenegro is a very beautiful country and your expectations will surely blow away as soon as you visit this country. This place bursts with majestic mountains, kind-hearted locals, and breathtaking beaches. Be sure to have a yacht experience when entering this country. One of the best destinations in this country is the Old Town of Kotor and visiting this place will give you a pleasant surprise because of its breathtaking sceneries.
Tips and Advice
You can have a trouble free experience when visiting the county of Montenegro. Be sure to register with the local police upon arrival in Montenegro. Any valid form of ID should also be carried with you as this is one of the Montenegrin law. You may be fined if you are caught violating this rule.
Despite all the dark days that the Balkan Peninsula encountered, tourism in these countries is still on the rise. Visiting the countries within this Peninsula is surely a worthwhile experience that you can treasure as time pass by.