January 7, 2016 by
New year embarks and new resolutions unfolds. To be happier in life one should follow the journey of peace. Traveling to places gives peace and relaxation. It also boosts one’s morale. New destinations teaches a lot. I had set my travel resolution for 2016.
Since my birth, being passionate towards India I wish the year 2016 to be my best as I am setting my travel resolution to Wagah Border. One can learn lot many things from this place.
Wagah is a small village near Pakistan. Wagah Border is a demarcation line between INDIA and PAKISTAN.It seperates Amristar from Lahore geographically.
The ceremony that takes place in Wagah Border every evening before sunset is extraordinary. I wish to witness the stunning parade by Indian Border Security Force and Pakistan Rangers at the sunset ceremony. The most impressive part of the ceremony is lowering of flags by both countries simultaneously.
It is said that the ceremony consists of colorful dance performances. This Lowering of flags ceremony takes place since 1959 as a manoeuvre towards rivalry, brotherhood, cooperation between two nations.
I had seen those wagah border scenes in movies and felt inspired a lot. If I travel to Wagah border, I will get a chance to evidence the handshake by Indian and Pakistani soldiers.
Thus Wagah border is a place where one can lively experience the act of cooperation between two countries. Traveling and feeling such a atmosphere will be my travel resolution for 2016.