Rhythm Chatervedi
by on October 2, 2017
Hey friends, just taking your some precious time to share my feelings of my travel experience of a small village near Jaipur. Recently I went to a family wedding in a small village Jeelo,19km away from neem ka thana district Sikar. So we were having all our functions and ceremonies goin on and what gained my attraction was a phelgm near my relatives house. So, this place a "KHNDAR" is a palace of old times built on small mountain.Centre of attraction is a temple situated in this palace.There is one story related to this place that there are haunted souls which appear at night nd worship in the temple. And people used to hear the bells ringing in temple. At first, we didn't paid any attention to this but there is one phrase that when u see by yourself tum only u can belive so in my case I didn't see anything but I heard the temple bells ringing one late night. And the next night we could hear the same sounds again. I was very curious to see those things happening in the temple . So we siblings made a plan and at night when we heard the bells ringing we went to the temple and literally it was an unexpected view to watch and we were dumbfounded by seeing those souls by our eyes. So, in the end I just wanted to say that if anyone visits Jaipur or Neem ka thana you must visit this village Jeelo. There are many other things to watch there like small small temples houses and the haveli's. Sand desserts nd most importantly the handmade or housemade bangles, are the much intresting products to purchase. INCREDIBLE INDIA!💕