Ananya Agarwal
by on June 7, 2017


Travelling has always been a part of my ecstasy ever since I was a child. It’s one of those passions which sets a captivating and cheerful emoji whenever it passes through the inner vision. The seeds of this encryption were sown when I was ten years old. My school had this ‘ trip to nature village ‘ tour at the Jim Corbett Park in Nainital. My deepest nerve of soul was agitated because this was going to be my first trip WITHOUT my over concerned  parents . The idea of the members of the board of travelling was to make us enable to encapture and apprentice information and guidance in the laps of nature. Now this place has a tinge of history attached to it just like other places in India do(you see knowing history before hand fires a ferocious bullet to one’s explorative instinct). It is the oldest national park in India and was established in 1963 as Hailey National Park to protect the endangered Bengal tiger. Earlier some parts of the park were part of the princely state of Tehri Garhwal .

We boarded the train on the night of 4th june  and embarked Nainital the next morning. Our destination spot was “the nature village”. Huts made of thatched clay and a hairy rooftop were given to us for stay(first lifetime experience never got worse. It  was great ). The citizens of the village were genial and altruistic. Now Jim Corbett you is a major in tourist attraction and sight seeings , therefore it has numerous amusing places which you could adore. The nearest spot to our destination was the Bijrani. Known for its diverse wildlife and amazing vegetation , Bijrani zone is one of the highest wildlife populated range of the Corbett National Park. It was a favourite spot for shooting in the British era and is still a hotspot for wildlife lovers. We were assisted by a guard on a lorry which dragged the weights of twenty five children at a time(funny ,isn’t it?). The instructor  flaunted the four-legged species with his marvelous talks. We were overwhelmed by the flaura and fauna which surrounded us. The nost mesmerizing of all was the tiger roaring in front of us live!.

The next hub of our travel tractor was the Vatanvasa Gate. We basicly went  there for trekking( I  guess our instructors were quite enthralled about our health). The forty km long trackway was tiring enough to trek ,but we did enjoy a lot. The same night we went smashing in for a night safari to a nearby wood. The mini truck was loaded with girls( mine was an all girls school) and sped at accord. On our safari our instructor pointed at a pair of green eyes as we passed by , probably it was a tiger in hiding. A deer sped past us and our eyes gazed at its apparition.

The following day we visited the Corbett museum and the Dhangari Museum. Corbett museum is in a heritage bungalow of Edward James Jim Corbett (the renowned environmentalist , hunter as well as a front runner in the tiger association). We saw the life history and the belongings of Mr.Corbett still intact with some of the animals at Corbett National Park. The show table even consisted of memoirs connected to Jim Corbett ,his letters, antiques and rare photographs. The depicting charts comprised of the educational  details about flora and fauna . A small building maintained by the Forest Deptt of Uttrakhand had a few exhibits of the wild animals that one can spot in the entire tourist area of the Reserve.

It’s said that dinner is almost incomplete without dessert , in the same our trip had that void until it was filled by the Corbett Falls. Yes! I am talking about the exquisite and enchanting waterfall. The waters trickling down just seem to be the holy grail dropped from heaven . So pure, so true that’s what those falls were.

On this sedative trip we got to learn that it’s the purity and chastity of our country which makes it – Incredible India. India “IS” actually a country set apart from the rest of the world I it’s own magnificent way and order. There’s nothing holding this place back.   We knew that we would never forget this joyous and authentic trip. All of us once again peeped out of the train windows and bid the park farewell.