charitha omprakash
by on June 6, 2017

For my birthday I decided to do tick something off my bucket list and surfing sounded perfect. So my family and I decided to head to Pondicherry also known as 'The French Riviera of the East' known for it's mesmerizing beaches. And it did not disappoint, with it's beautiful beach and colorful houses with the most intriguing names. The creeping magenta boiganvillas added a burst of color to the gorgeos houses that were in different hues of mustard and grey. On our first day in the city we decided to go on a cycle tour that started off at 6 A.M and took us through the different parts of Pondy as it's fondly known. We met two wonderful French ladies who joined on this cycle tour. The tour started off in the Muslim quarter where we saw the mosque in which Life Of Pie was shot. Our next stop was the Bascilla of The Scared Heart Of Jesus which had an amazing histroy behind and the nside was so mezmerising with its glass paintings that made the sunlight entering the Bascilica into different hues and lit the entire place up. So we cycled on and entered the Tamil quarter where we could see a traditional South Indian house with it's huge wooden pillars and large front courtyard which was wonderful since we never get to see such huge houses very often in the city. The French quarter was up next which was a myriad of colors from mustard to pink to grey and we could notice the french influence on all these building. Our cycle tour ended with a quick visit to the Market, which gave a really good sense of the people in Pondy, and a scrumtious French breakfast which was a piping hot Danish and the buttery flaky Dansih was a treat after cycling for so long in the sweltring heat. We called it an early night since the next morning we had to be up quite early to go surfing, I could not wait.

We reached the surf school and we were instructed on the basics and the terms that are associated with Surfing and a Surf Board and we headed down to the beach to get our first lesson in surfing. After going over a few safety lessons we hit the water and tried to get off the surf board and try and catch the wave. Oh boy! It was an amazing experiance, one i can not put into words but i urge each and every one of you to try. The waves are really hard on you and if you dont puch back they will knock off the board. Surfing thought me to be resilient and to push back and never give up. The adrenaline rush that you get and the feeling of achievement that you get when you finally catch a wave is truly amazing. We were really sad that our surf session ended so soon. And soon it was time for us to head back home and get back to the grind, leaving me dreaming about when my next surfcation would be. And trust me I cannot wait to get back on the surf board and hit those waves.