Upashruthi Rajendran
by on June 5, 2017

“I love waking up in the morning not knowing what’s gonna happen or who I’m gonna meet, where I’m gonna wind up.” - Jack Dawson, (movie “Titanic”)

My ideology regarding travelling is similar to that of Jack Dawson’s to some extent. I consider travelling as an escape from my drab life. Though I have travelled a lot the one trip that had always been close to my heart was the Goa trip in 2015.

It all started on a hot afternoon of May 2015. We (my family) were making plans for a trip because the heat was unbearable. Since the number of people interested in the trip was huge, there was an obvious conflict of interest. We resorted to the lots system to resolve the issue. As the luck would have it the place picked was Goa. I was a little resentful because I always believed that Goa is a place to be enjoyed with friends. But my resentments proved baseless. Goa is place where you can fun even if you travelled alone.

After lots of arguments and fights and tantrums we boarded the flight from Bangalore. We were welcomed in Goa with thunderstorm. The scenic beauty of Goa took my breath away. We were to stay at the Estrella Do Mar beach resort. Had I been in any other place, the traffic would have irritated me. But the picturesque locations of Goa got me so mesmerized that I didn’t notice the jam at all.

The resort is located in the Calangute town of North Goa. It is a cosy little town with an amazing beach which is also referred to as “Queen of beaches”. Tourism is the main source of income for the town. It has the perfect blend of antiqueness and modern technology. This town has a lot to offer to the tourists, starting from malls to pubs to temples and churches.

We were in Goa for 3 days, 3 amazing, fun filled days. Though most part of our days was spent on the beach, we still made a point to visit the other tourist spots. One such place was the Aguada port. The word Aguada means Water. The fort has a rich history which dates back to 1612. It was used as a port for the ships. The beach offered lots of sports like the Banana ride etc.

The 3 days I spent in Goa will always be close to my heart. The entire journey is filled with so many memories which I will cherish throughout my life.