Debasish satapathy
by on May 21, 2017


 It is situated near Buguda, Ganjam, Odisha. A place is all about hill station, mysterious waterfall, unreturnable cave, natural beauty where one can feel the heavenly peace at there.

How to reach:

It's almost 100 km from Bhubaneswar airport.From airport you can book a cab to reach there.

Where to stay:

There are loads of hotels and motels are there with convenience price with all kind of facilities and also safety measures. You need to enjoy the nature's beauty in the day time only. You should have to leave the place before sunset for your safety proposes.

Key attractive points:

  1. The waterfall has an mysterious process I.e when guys chants "Hari bol" and girls make sound huluhulia then the speed of flow of water rises .
  2. Another mystery related to this place is there is a cave ,you need to walk almost 3 km in the forest and once you find the cave you couldn't recall the way you entered into it .
  3. There is a Shiva temple situated at the top of the hill.who is the guardian of this entire place.
  4. Out of 1000 steps last 21 have the architect of flattened steps like a ladder.

You can feast here with your family and friends. All necessary cooking instruments are provided by the committee of the Shiv temple​​​.

Hope you would like this place. I bet you can proudly say "incredible India"  & "outstanding odisha" after exploring a completely different place with lots of mystery.