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OMG TRIP..!!! Wow, while we were having 2 more days for enjoyment I went with my family to Dharamshala. It was a beautiful journey as we were travelling through car; actually we all are having benefits of travelling in car. If we are travelling in car we can stop anywhere and can enjoy that particular location to the core. Travelling is always fun when company is good and with family it always turn into a beautiful trip. We reached Dharamshala around 3:00 pm in afternoon the weather was quite romantic and beauty of nature was attracting you with all high things. We searched for a hotel and luckily we found a place to stay although it was a tough job as season was on the peak. On that day we went to beautiful place which is still my favorite place to view the sunset i.e. Tea Garden in Dharamshala a breath taking place I ever visit. The view from the height in incredible and you are totally surrounded with refreshing and pure air. And all you’ll see greenery at the top. That day I fall in love with beauty of nature. And after that we reached at the door of god in Kunalpathri temple which was near to Tea Garden and the peace of temple was giving you synergy we attended the aarti there and spend our one hour in the name of god. We get to know about the story of temple which was very interesting. And while going back to hotel it was almost a night, while we were on the way to hotel the romantic air was creating the magic. And we reached to hotel than, A beautiful day ended with the tasty food in Dharamshala.
On the second day we went to McLeoad Ganj we were very excited to see Lord Buddha's culture. It was located at the top of Dharamshala and when we went there parking of cars was at distance so we covered further distance while walking. It was worth walking, as shopping stuff was there on the roadside and all tibetian market was attracting us. We done shopping and finally reached to our destination at Mcleoad Ganj Temple. It was good to see the others culture. We were highly obliged to visit there and get to see the statue of Lord Budha which was beyond beautiful. Temple is very impressive. And at the end we want to see the Cricket stadium due to our bad luck it was closed on Sunday. And then at the end we say good bye to Dharamshala.
After returning we went to Jwala Devi temple which is another place of god’s grace and their unbelievable magic.
And trip is ended with the blessing of god.
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