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With the advent of 2016 - a new year ,every one of us know that we have a clean slate and thus a list of New Year’s resolutions. I think travelling is every man’s natural instinct. From times of early man, when life was a way of travel, to gather foods, we have evolved to today where travel is a way of life .So to be true as soon as these last of New Year’s balloons have deflated, my resolution to be fitter, healthier human will be as flat as those deflated balloons except for the bulleted list of places that I intend to visit in this upcoming year.
The thing about travelling is that there is unquestionably an awesome feeling that comes from beholding a foreign scene, the beauty of its existence is novelty of its own. And what’s more better than starting this beautiful journey from one’s own motherland. A country which is abode to The Heaven on Earth - Kashmir, or God’s Own Country- Kerala, the Religious Capital of India - Banaras, The Pink city- Jaipur, the Seven Sisters- the North Eastern States and the list goes on.Since I would be staying in Kerala for a couple of years, I would be a total idiot if I start my 2016 travel resolution with any place other than Kerala itself.
The coastal state of Kerala is a dream destination for any travel enthusiast.Kerala has everything -the long chain of Western Ghats on one side to the breathtaking Arabian Sea on the other, the exotic wildlife, the tranquil backwaters, the rich history, the stunning architecture,the different types of cultures and to not forget the exquisite cuisine.
I’ve been to many places till now but it has always been with someone or the other. Having a companion in a blessing of its own but this time I’d really like it to be me myself and I. Someone once said” As you travel solo, being totally responsible for yourself, it’s inevitable that you will discover just how capable you are.” Travelling solo would be a perfect opportunity for me to reflect upon myself.
The striking beaches of Kovalam and its turquoise coloured water , that spine tingling sight when your eyes fall on the glimmering water as if someone has sprinkled sparkles all over them .C’mon who wouldn’t want to feast their eyes to such a sight.
The scintillating backwater of the Alleppy famous for their houseboat with coconut trees swaying on either side . The reflecting part that I mentioned earlier regarding my solo trip, don’t you think that this would be the best place to do so.
Hearing the name Kerala often brings a picture of beaches, backwaters and lush greenery in our mind but that’s not just it . It has some cloud kissing hill stations like Vagamon or Munnar also. Those cascading waterfalls, charming valleys, the large expanse of tea plantations and on top of that the occasional trekking season. So basically Kerala, to a traveller is as versatile and as serene a place can be.
Being a foodie person it would only be a cherry on top for me to try different cuisines of this state. I’ve heard that the way the people here prepare their culinary is an art. Also the famous banana leaf being used as a plate, I think it would be an experience if its own.
I could go on and on and about all its beauty and why its such an alluring place but I think that you get the picture. In short, for the Year 2016 I would really like to explore this tropical paradise and capture its memory for life time
Kaustubh Dev
Wish you were able to try on the non-veg cuisines too :p