May 8, 2017 by
Who doesn’t want a vacation? Well, we all do!! Vacation is something each of us desires or want to have.
Well, my trip was something unique as it was the first time I went for a trip without my parents and family…Yes, you heard me right without my family…Just with my friend!!
I and my friend planned to take some days off and go to Delhi, the capital city!!
We travelled through a train and after reaching Delhi we took a metro to reach my relative’s house. It was around 12 noon when we reached the place and decided to have lunch and head out to explore the city in the true style of a Delhi wala..!!
We decided to first go to India Gate for a mesmerising experience. We reached there in the evening and took a quite a lot of pictures to never forget this place. We even tried a local golgappa and bhelpuri stall there (as there are a lot to find these types of stalls). After which it started to nightfall and I and my friend decided to head to my relative’s house.
The next day we decided to visit Jantar Mantar. Although it is a good place to visit but I personally found Jaipur’s Jantar Mantar far better than this one. After which we headed towards Paharganj Market. It was the time to shop some ethnic and Jaipuri style stuff from the market. We brought a lot of stuff for ourselves and even for our family and other friends. It is a market which is mostly visited by foreigners and especially hippie people. You’ll find a quite lot of these kinds of people there. And then we decided to head back to our resting place.
On the third day, we went to visit the most famous place among the youngsters of Delhi, Hauz Khas village. Although the place is in ruins now but this place is so common for having photoshoots. We ourselves found many people having their pre-wedding photo shoots. We too visited Kumzum café which is quite popular some travellers for exchanging their views and experiences. The place was so reverting. When we were just heading out there we encountered some people from a Youtube channel and decided to be a part of their game. After finishing up the game, we headed towards Sarojini Market, one of the most preferred places to shop for all latest trends clothes and stuff. There we shopped our hearts out. We brought tops, jeans, earring, bags, footwear almost every good stuff we could lay our hands on. Well, Sarojini is a place where you can get everything it’s just that you are able to find our stuff among the chunks. There we had our dinner in a South Indian restaurant. After which decided to take back a metro and return home.
On the fourth day, we went to see Lodi gardens and a movie. Again Lodi gardens and tomb are famous for photo shoots. We found some pre- wedding photo shoots and a baby girl’s birthday photo shoot been shot. That day we had our dinner in Paharganj market.
It was our last day in Delhi and we decided to have the most of it. We decided to visit the Garden of 5 Senses. Well, the entry for this garden is paid but the scenes here are so refreshing. One can also try some of the adventurous activities here like rock climbing, zip lining among others. I too wanted to try one but couldn’t as this garden is huge to see and I was late when I got to that part of the garden. After leaving the garden of 5 senses we decided to go to Gurudwara Bangla Sahib for some spiritual and tranquillity feels. As it was Sunday we found a lot of people here offering their respects and services. We decided to stay there for a while after which we went our ways.
The next day we took our train from Delhi and returned back home. This is how my trip ended, on a very happy note.