May 8, 2017 by
Camping on the bank of a river has always been in my bucket list. I told this to my friends and we decided to go to Devprayag. It's a town in Uttarakhand where Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers meet. We decided to travel in a sunroof car, which was also in my bucket list. We reached there at 6pm. We lighted the bonfire. It was early December . After dinner , we all sat near bonfire and turned on the speaker. We all danced in various songs. After it , I sat near the river with my feet under the water. It was so peaceful listening to the sound of flowing water. I started walking on the stones and suddenly wind starts blowing and it was like my emotions just got boost up. It was a heavenly feeling. We captured all the beautiful moments . I never wanted to come back. We had to return so here the trip ends. It was just more than a memory i could write about :) .