by on May 6, 2017

London being the centre of the world, you come across different cultures around the world in just one city. And your expectations are obviously high because it’s “London”. We planned a family holiday last autumn when the leaves just began to turn yellow (mostly green when I reached). I was visiting my cousins there. It takes about eight hours to reach London from Delhi. I still remember the cloudy sky when we landed. The best part about London is its sky changing colours and the picturesque clouds. You feel like you’ll reach them if you climb a floor higher. We made our way to “The New Home” and had some amazing Pizza from Asda (supermarket with super- food) and just slept through the night after a long day. The very next day we were very excited to go sightseeing and see the main attractions. We hopped on South West Train to reach the main station Waterloo and changed towards Green Park. Our first stop was the Buckingham Palace (We started clicking pictures from all angles, my cousin told me that if the British flag was up the Queen is present in the palace. Next, we walked down to the Trafalgar Square, 10 Downing Street, Big Ben and London eye from where you can have the breathtaking views of the skyscrapers and the skyline. After that we went to Greenwich by ferry, a little cruise down the river Thames passing under the London Bridge and the Millennium Bridge and one can have a clear view of the Shard, the tallest building in the U.K. We also experienced serene views from the Royal Observatory and later had some really delicious authentic Chinese food Greenwich had to offer. Next day it had to be Oxford Street (The shopaholics’ paradise) for us. We checked out few brands namely Selfridges (IT’S HUGE!!), Forever 21, Aldo, Primark, New Look, Zara, River Island, Hollister, Abercrombie, and Uniqlo. My sister and I shopped a little (Shopping can never be little for us; we almost bought ourselves 2 huge suitcases.) We travelled to many suburban towns during our trip which was so peaceful and most shops close down by six in the evening. The countryside has its own beauty (posh and beautiful houses in Windsor with a little flower garden in front seemed like houses from a fairytale.) We also went to Brighton which is a two-hour drive from London (A pebble beach with blue sea and a lot of seagulls). Brighton Pier has a lot of activities to offer. It has many restaurants, pubs and small shops to buy souvenirs and also few rides for the kids (some dangerous ones too). We took a ride on the booster (indeed most scary but most beautiful views of the sea before it starts). One should not miss having authentic English breakfast, the staple, fish ‘n’ chips and Toffee cheesecake from Tesco. The list can go on because London has so much to offer. On my last day in London I was about to leave to catch my flight and when I stepped out of our house there I saw a double rainbow. It was indeed once a lifetime experience (you don’t get to see one in Delhi that too like a full semi-circle touching the ground). I did not feel like leaving, I wanted to see it until it faded away. I think I left a part of me there. Someone has correctly said ‘WHEN A MAN IS TIRED OF LONDON, HE’S TIRED OF LIFE, FOR THERE IS IN LONDON ALL THAT LIFE CAN AFFORD.’