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It all started with an idea of one and a number of discussions of a group of my friends.We all agreed upon going to Coorg which is called as " Scotland Of India".So,we were so excited about on the trip and started to coorg on train.As there was no station in coorg,we had reached bangalore and from there we can go by either by buses or cabs. There are plenty of buses available to coorg but as we were a gang of friends, in order to have fun, we thought of booking a cab for our entire trip to coorg.From bangalore it took around 6 hrs to coorg on cab.Finally we had our first footstep on the lands of our dream destination......."The Coorg", from there on started all our adventures.
Day 1) As soon as we had reached coorg, we went in search of hotels for our stay.The greatest advantage is that,there are number of hotels available with a reasonable cost.There are also the luxurious ones too.we had booked a guest house there for Rs.3000/- per day.We all got freshened up and had some food from a nearby restaurent and started for our first adventure in coorg....Its the "Abbey falls".It was through ghat roads and the travel through it was amazing.The roads were full of trees,fresh breeze,lots of plantations and it was like an eye feast for the tourists.The waterfalls is located a bit down to the place,so to go near the waterfalls,we had to walk a bit from the entrance.The walk to the falls is lovely,it was like trekking through plenty of trees and the climate was just amazing(though it was 3:00pm).The most beautiful part of the walk is that the sound of waterfalls is clearly audible and it attracts you towards the falls and literally we all ran towards it.Finally we reached the waterfalls and the location was awesome,there was a hanging bridge,hills.The comparison of the sound of the falls and the beauty of the location with paradise is not at all exaggerated.We took a plenty of photos there and wanted to stay there forever just like that but sadly it was 6'o clock in the evening and realised that we had to leave the place.As it was like trekking,it is better to visit the place in the day time.On the way back to our room,we stopped by a restaurent and had our dinner and the food was very delicious.We went to the room and had deep sleep.
Day 2) This is another day to resume our adventures.There is a place called "Raja's seat",which is located on the hills and is famous for "sunset and sunrise".So,we reached there by 6'o clock in the early morning.There we saw the most beautiful thing in the world "The sunrise" and also there was an awesome view of the entire coorg from there.We just stood there watching the sunrise and the beautiful view of the coorg. We totally forgot about time and suddenly realised that it had been 2 hours we stood there watching.So,we took some photos there and left the place by 8:30 AM and went to a restaurent nearby and had our breakfast.
Then we started for the most exciting part of our trip,it is "THE RAFTING"-"Dubare elephant Camp",it was too far from Raja'seat,so it took nearly 2 hours to reach the place.It was just a lovely place to have lots of fun.There were many adventurous games and competitions going on there.There were lot of toursim buses and the place was full of tourists.We had an amazing rafting through the water for half an hour.It was a unique experience and enjoyed a lot with my friends.The place was so beautiful that we nearly spent 2 hours there clicking hundreds of photographs.Beside the rafting area,there was a small lake with low levels of water.So,we went there and spent lot of time there playing in the water.The place was also famous for "spices" and "home made wine".So,we did a small shopping there started back to the cab with a lot of sad thoughts going on in our heads.It was all because, we realised that it was the end of our trip and we had to leave the paradise "The coorg".We all packed our bags and started back to bangalore.
So,that was the end of our adventures and the most memorable trip of my life with my,I heartfully suggest you to have a trip to "coorg" and collect lots of memories.The trip is interesting is not only about the locations in coorg but the journey to coorg is also wonderful,we never get a feeling of tiresome and boring journey,we can just sit and watch the beauty of the nature all along the roads.It is an affordable and the most exciting trip.On the whole,all our expenditure costs only 8000/- per head.So,I assure you that you can experience the most beautiful parts of the nature and return with a bag of memories.
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