by on May 4, 2017

During the last summers i.e. in 2016 since all of my friends and me as well were free after giving the board exams,so we decided for a small getaway to some near by tourist spot.So after lot of suggestions and discussion we decided to go to shimla.I was very exicited to visit there since I heard a lot about it but was never able to visit there.Moreover,it was my first time that I was going out with my friends.We were a group of six friends and all of us wanted this getaway badly after twelth class board and the Mains exam.We hired a car and a driver for the trip and decided that we will start our journey early morning and come back to Ambala the very next day in the night.

The place was decided where all of us will meet and car will pick us.My father dropped me at the decided place.Finally,the journey began.We started talking and laughing.It was great fun.We clicked a lot of selfies in the car itself.Then after crossing Chandigarh ,a bit ahead we stopped at a small resturant and refrehed us a bit,clicked pictures of the beautiful sites and ourselves.After a short stoppage we continued our journey further.Then soon we were stuck in a traffic jam due to heavy rush.But we palyed the songs in car and sang along and enjoyed.Then we stopped again since we all were hungry.We ate our tiffins and had tea.We decided that instead checking in in the hotel we should first go directly to Kufri due to shortage of time.Soon after a long and tiring but fun journey we reached kufri.

We were there almost at noon.We parked our car and hired six horses for the journey ahead to kufri since we since there was no other way we could reach there.We were all on horses ready to head towards Kufri.The ride was very bumpy due to quite rocky and muddy roads.Initially I was very scared as horses were walking on the very edges of the hills but I started enjoying it afterwards.We reached the spot where horses left us.We were given slips so that the same horses can get us back to the place from where they picked us.The sights were to behold.The scenic beauty was awsome and just awsome.There were lot of monkeys.There were small shops to buy stuff.There were food shops.Then it began to rain but it only lasted for a while.Then we ate maggi in the cold weather.There was a temple up there,we visited there.Then we clicked pictures with the yaks standing there.After enjoying and clicking pictures for about two hours we again by riding upon horses headed back to our car.While returning to Shimla we saw a spot commonly called as The Suicide Spot.The mountains from there were really really huge and when I saw in the downward direction I could not spot any piece of land.It was so deep.Then we reached Shimla and checked into our hotel.We had two rooms already booked there.The rooms were big,beautiful and cosy.We all relaxed there and then we headed towards the canteen for our dinner.It was delicious.Then we went to the famous MALL ROAD.It was huge and beautiful.The was closed.But we did some shopping as there were large number  of shops.Then we clicked pictures going to different spots.There was a huge national flag on the road.Weather was a bit foggy.Then we had ice cream.Then we headed back to our hotel.Then we had a bit of chit chat but soon we all went to sleep.

Next day we got up early in the morning and got ready.Then we had breakfast and then we decided to go to the famous Jaku Temple.It again began to rain,so we had tto wait for the rain to stop.Then we started our journey towards the temple on foot but the hills were very steep so we took a car.We reached there and went to the temple.The major attractions were the monkeys which could snatch anything from your hands even your spectacles and the second one was the huge,really really huge statue of Lord Hanuman.Then we reached back to the Mall road.The church was open by now,so we visited there.It was very quiet and beautiful inside.Then there was book exhibition going on there so we went there and purchased some books.Then we began our journey back to Ambala.At about four in the evening we reached the Pinjore Gardens in Panchkula.We stayed there for about an hour.Explored it,ate food,clicked pictures and relaxed a bit.After leaving from there in about one and a half hour we reached Ambala and taxi driver left us at the spot from where he had picked us and then we all went to our respective homes.

In the tensions of admission in college and boards result it was much needed getaway.The journey was wonderful and all of us enjoyed a lot.It was a memorable trip.