May 5, 2017 by

My phone notification cut through the sound of pen tapping on my desk….espresso machine operating...fax machine printing, all in the mundane aura of my standard office slog. It was my dad who`s still not gotten a hang of attaching images to a message. His text read "  Walvan booked for May 5 days trip". The enthu-cutlet in me rejoiced instantly but only to pick up frenzy, when I realized the place ...Walvan? Now where the hell is that? Promptly my fingers reached for the keyboard and to my horror Google showed up no resort in sight. All it displayed was a massive dam called Walvan with strong historic significance. Looking around at the gloomy faces, same walls I immediately knew no matter what place it is...I needed this...I really did

In ahope to rejuvenate the wrecked energy within me I embarked on this journey with my family. Bereft of any greenery, the roads looked troubled by the onslaught of civilization...with never ending highways tolls and buildings on either side I would be lying if I said the journey did any good to me. Radio embedded in the car served as my only solace throughout. It hardly took us 3 hours to reach out destination. Inching closer to our dwelling I gaped at the site in front of me. It was nothing like I imagined it to be..No deserted spot No abandoned bungalow, instead stood before me a proud bungalow shining in its opulence. My captivation was broken by a sound...a voice greeting us “Welcome to IMG_20160427_185139.jpgthe White House Lonavla Sir”. I was like " White house like really THE WHITE HOUSE??!!... A smile played on his lips he and warmly replied " No ma`am it’s just a replica"


With huge sea engulfing the villa it was no less than a milky island but only with inhabitants. The uniformly maintained greenery was another view to be reckoned with. After minutes of constant gapping we were led towards our room. The immaculateness of the corridors leading towards our room was no match to anything white. The merit clearly belonged to the staff for guarding it off the pollution. We had a standard room. A personal space filled with tranquil and solitude. The pearly blankets and sheets called out to me. After a 2 hours unwinding nap I found no one to be seen..I got up and heard distant voices from the balcony. Reaching there I realized all this time I have been missing the best part of the entire room...THE BALCONY VIEW!!! It IMG_20160426_100504.jpgwas breathtaking to say the least. I could have spent hours and hours just standing there taking in the beauty of the sight.

IMG_20160427_203209.jpgIMG_20160426_101135.jpgAlong with de-stressing, the trip also acted as a catalyst to the fun element of our family. Be it pool or the diner or the sea side we had a great conversation each and every time. Some were selfie obsessed while some were grand photo shoot glimpses of which are these....


IMG_20160427_184919.jpgIMG_20160426_100843.jpgIMG_20160426_190613.jpgIn the midst of selfie and photoshoots, Candids were ruling the roost too..people chatting kids playing all the hustle and bustle were captured into the lens of eternity





Tranquility and peace in oodles provided so much of relaxation to every soul and as

Mary Anne Radmacher famously upholds

“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”

Returning back to the excruciating lifestyle I was more in peace with myself…. refreshed revoked and thoroughly revitalized. Preserving exotic yet sweet memories safely I commenced my engaging life yet again but this time…with a serene smile.