" alt="" class="parsed_image" />"it is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end"-Ernest Hemingway
I cannot remember exactly how young I was but,I have always loved to write and travel. 
Having lived in a city all my life, managing studies, making new friends, sharing new responsibilities, catching up to the fast life had its own magic. While discovering all this, I forgot my own passion somewhere along the way. I realised, deserved a much-needed break. I needed a journey.
A quick getaway to the Diveagar beach seemed to the perfect choice. Diveagar is a village located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, about 159.1km from Pune via the Tamhini Ghat road. The journey in our car itself was a treat for the eyes. The winding ghats leading to the Diveagar beach was both thrilling and exciting.  I busied myself in watching the scenic beauty.
Our first stop was the Diveagar beach in the early evening. Dipping our feet into the salty waters and picking shells brought back my childhood memories, when I had been to Goa a long time ago. The beach is one of the most beautiful and serene ones I had ever seen. The waters were picturesque and every frame, photogenic. Especially when the sun went down, witnessing the transformation of the tranquil blue waves into a bright orange hue was simply enchanting.
The same evening, we went to the Rupdarnarayan temple. The temple, constructed sometime in the 13th century, looked pristine even today. The idol is of Lord Vishnu, the presiding deity there.The evening "Aarti" sent positive vibes all over the place.  That evening, we enjoyed the local seafood cuisine for dinner. Needless to say, it was simply delicious. 
Next day, our stop was Harihareshwar, a short 2 hour journey from Diveagar. It is famous for the "Harihareshwar" temple. It has two adjacent temples, one the Kalbhairav temple which we have to enter first, and the other is the inner sanctum, where there is an old Shiva Linga. After the "pradakshina", we sat in the main hall, enjoying the Harihareshwar beach and watching number of crabs scuttling away. The atmosphere had a peaceful and divine presence.
Now was the time to return back to the city, and back to my life. But this time, the journey was different. My mind was at peace, and I was happy. With this journey I was taking back with me some unforgettable memories and the experience of a lifetime. During the ride back, I couldn't wait to write, after a long while indeed, every idea waiting to be written out on paper. Truly,
"..there ain't no journey what don't change you some. "" alt="" class="parsed_image" />" alt="" class="parsed_image" />" alt="" class="parsed_image" />