Travelling is always fun! It may be a hobby for someone, a passion for another, or someone's occupation. I am a student so I do not have any professional trips as of now, but I'm sure I will have one! It was during last year's dusshera holidays that me, along with my family went to Chirala. Chirala is a town in Prakasam district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The town finds itself famous for all the handloom sarees weaved here. Chirala comes from the telugu word "cheeralu" meaning sarees. You can find sarees at a cheaper rate here as they are woven here.

We took a train to Chirala from Hyderabad in the morning around five o'clock, from the Secunderabad Railway station. It was a journey of five to six hours and by the time we reached Chirala, the time ticked at 12 in the noon. There a variety of stay options available, but there is a resort there, built an year ago. It is nearer to the Chirala beach and is thus named the "Sea Breeze Beach resorts" at Chirala. This resort is owned by a doctor and is still in developing stage. I can tell you one thing, that the food is very tasty at the resorts.

We took an auto from the station to resort since there were very few cabs available. The rooms there are available in two suites, the Garden suite, which faces the man-made garden of the resort and the beach suite, which faces the beach. The beach suites are preffered because they have an excellent view, and are also booked first. Still, garden view suites are also preferrable. The only disadvantage that the garden view suite has that it attracts mosquitoes and flies in the evning time. We took a room in the garden suite since the beach suite were already booked, it was a holiday time. You do not see the beach kind of culture there, with regards to dressing, people are more decent in dressing, even at the beach, it is still a town.

We took a nap after lunch and headed towards the beach in teh evening, at 5 o'clock. The beach was wonderful, in fact, it was very nearer to the resort. Its was a five minute walk from our room. The beach felt so relaxing and we spent time playing with the sand and clicking pictures. Around 7, we left the beach and went back to the room. We were then called for an open air theatre which played Aashiqui 2. It was a wonderful experience, watching movie under the sky, in a big screen, that too, showing my favourite movie. We slowly headed towards dinner at the beach. I found it new, but still, the sand had insects in them and the light was dim there. So, we preferred eating in our own room. We fell asleep after ten after we watched cricket match in the room.

The next day, we got up early and again went to the beach. After clicking twenty to thirty decent pictures, we went for a complementary breakfast. We had breakfast and returned to our room. Got freshed up, left to the handloom industry. My mom bought two to three sarees and after donating some money to the weavers there, we left the industry. I found that people there were very sweet and helpful. In fact, they were very honest in delivering their opinion or marketing goods. We went back to the room after a drive across the roads of the town, packed our bags and headed towards the railway station. We then took a train to Hyderabad and reached our destination around ten o'clock at night.

I can tell you that this place is fantastic for a two or three day travel and I'm sure you are going to love it!