Shubham Mahawar
by on April 3, 2017

Bike Trip is always amazing with the friends.It was 31st december me along with my friends planned a sudden trip to NEPAL.There is not a easy way to enter into Nepal by Road ,we had taken the permission from border and then enter into that area.It was a beautiful monsoon ,chilling environment and location was so amazing mountains all around there.

 We decided to move ahead and planned to go CHISAPANI a cool place and 60-70% route is uphill.On the way we found some shops where we can buy drinks and snacks.The hiking was like walking in the Jungle.We  enjyoyed so much ,and there is a limit to take down Indian Bikes upto some range of area after that we  exchange our bikes  with Nepali bikes and resumed our trip with full energy. So after 3 hours of bike trip we reached Chisapani. It's a very good place with open space.There is one bridge at the center of  location ,which is a golden part of trip .Tourist along with their Guide, experiencing the place and hanging out with friends and family.               

 The Name Chisapani itself says Chilldwater and yes on the way we came across lots of river streams and waterfalls. The natural beauty was completely mesmerizing. We had taken so many pics, selfie with each other,beautiful mountain ranges and ofcourse solo pics for our social media sites haha..The market was also famous for winter clothes like jacket,leather stuffs and at a cheap rate ,we buyed jackets and all other stuffs and finally shopping part was also done.The Chinese food of the restaurants was so tasty and we couldn't stop ourself to eat more.The native peoples were so polite.They have a different language ,they teach us their language which is a interesting part of trip.

 We backed to Home on the same day and yes all were so tired but enjoyed a lot and spend our 31st december really well. This Trip gave us extra joy to start our New year Happily with our families and brings with me a lot if memories which i will remember forever.

                But always said Go safely while Road Trip and do not exceed your speed of limit.       


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