Isha singh
by on March 30, 2017

Everybody needs a break from their day to day life and from the hurry and worry schedule. People hardly get time from their schedules and their dream to travel remains a dream. We extremely need to get out of that this and live our life to create memories. And if someone asks me the best place to bring back a bag full of memories then i will suggest just one name and that is Kullu Sarahan. Kullu Sarahan is a place kept in utmost care of the Shrikhanda Mountain Ranges. It beholds a lot of beauty within itself. the nature of that place is as beautiful as a smile of a baby. My visit to that place was of three days and in those 3 days i can say that i bought with me a lot if memories which i will remember forever.

Kullu Sarahan is not only a beautiful place but it also is a place for adventure sports as well. In my 3 days trip i experienced the same. My trip included adventure sports like Rappelling, Bush crafting and a trek to the nearby peak which was all covered with snow on the top. On the way to the top of the peak we came across lots of river streams and waterfalls. The scenic beauty was completely mesmerizing. Another main attraction of that place are the people living their. They have a welcoming behavior and they treat every visitor as their their own family member. I advice everyone reading this blog to visit that place at least once in their life time. It is a home away from home a place from where you never want to return from. 


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Dheer Singh
Nice blog. One query though. Is kullu sarahan and kullu same. Kullu is the name used commonly. Sarahan is some place near kullu?
Isha singh
Kullu sarahan is in kullu. Actually its in the upper parts of kullu.
Jibanendra das
Yes I need break