Cassin Thangam
by on March 4, 2017

Hi everyone, I'm Cassin from Chennai now going to narrate my fantastic experience to USA 8 years back. Like it was the period in my 8th grade, I had turned adolescent and my parents planned a trip to States for 2 months since my uncle is there. So, the ineffaceable thing is that we were rejected VISA twice and finally got it in the 3rd attempt after a tiring experience. So things were all fine and started zipping our bags and the plan was like initially  I had to with my grandparents and followed by after 15 days my parents will join us since they are working and couldn't afford to take many breaks from it. So, the day of travel came and me being an intermediate schooling kid had to take the responsibility of taking care of my grandparents too. So I was blue in my face since I had to push all the bags for security checking and move them back to the trolleys. Somehow, the time was up for us to board the flight and went into the flight and delighted by the heartful wishes of those appealing air-hostesses and we took supper covered our blankets soon after fastening our seat belts. So we had to got to Hong-Kong and catch the transit flight from there to Los Angeles, USA. So, finally, we grounded into the US the land of opportunities and reached the exit port after answering the bewildering questions of those immigration officials. Uncle was waiting there for us and I breathed the air of the US (my dream destination) and we later a tight food and a sound sleep. I later visited Disney Land the next day which still comes before my eyes as I'll never forget that day at all. Later we visited Hollywood Universal Studios which I had seen in many many movies commencing after the title. Later we visited San Diego beach and also various malls too. And also visited San Fransico which was a 20000-mile journey in the car. And it came the down-hearted day where we had to leave the bBenevolent country USA. With sad faces, I went ahead into the Los-Angeles Airport and came back to my native land. This was one of my relishing experiences of my life. Even I used to look back at those photos every year and I won't forget those giant sized Strawberries I tasted from the orchard.Life will be blissful if one has some opportunities to taste and never miss it under any circumstances ;)