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It was the freezing winter morning my cousins planned to go to Konark.I was so exited about the trip.We started pcking our necessary items for trip.At !0 A.M we were moved to Konark buy a car which is 50 k.m away from Bhubaneswar.After reaching there first we went to Suntemple.It is just wow.The architecture,the trees,the wheels,the engraved stones speaks a lot about the temple.So peaceful it was there.After clicking of snaps we went Chandravaga beach. Chandravaga beach is considered one of the finest beach along the eastern cost of India.The beach is located at the distance of 3k.m from the World heritage Site Konark Temple.The beach holds great importance in the culture and traditional identity of odissa.Chandravaga beach is belived to have witressed the rise and fall of the Konark Temple.Because of the cultural importance it holds,many cultural activities are held at the beach.
The waves of the shore was amazing,the more close we went the less shore it was.We bathed there in the freezing water.We rode the horse and sat there to watch the sunset.At the end of the day we felt so nice that when we sat for some time wr thought that it was just a dream.I suddenly said hey gateup guyz its time to say goodbye to Konark.It was a memorable day.I suggest everyone must visit wonderful place.

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👍nice blog. I am tempted to go konark