Sourav Chakraborty
by on February 28, 2017

It was on a chilly winter morning in the month of December 2014, when I along with my batch mates were on our way for picnic to one of the most alluring tourist spots of western Odisha. The name of that place was Ghanteshwari. It falls under Sambalpur district of Odisha. The place was very much famed for the trees where bells were tied, and those bells did the job of a navigation unit by alerting nearby seafarers. Along the way to the temple of the main deity, you'll find a small collection of shops selling antique items. The items are world famous for their design. We were quite fortunate that on the very date of our journey it rained heavily. Some people might have said it spoiled our trip but we were the ones who always wanted something unexpected from everything and that was what exactly we were getting. The heavy rain made the beguiling place even more enthralling. The rain gave new energy to the already lively green lands which made us feel closer to Mother Nature. We had some fine food served there by the local hotels. The population out there is quite friendly who'll always refer to you as "BHAI” meaning “BROTHER”. The USP of the place is its location itself. I had a great time with my batch mates and I can assure a memorable trip to all those who plan a planned or unplanned trip to Ghanteshwari.

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