dibyani mishra
by on February 27, 2017

It was on the 3th of March 2014 when I and my family decided to visit Bandhavgarh. We took the train from Rourkela station and reached Narogabad where we stayed overnight. Next morning at around 4.00 AM we started our journey to Bandhavgarh. It was a 2 hours journey from Narogabad. When we reached our destination we found out that there was already a long queue of tourists waiting for the clearance to visit inside from the forest department. After waiting for some time we got our clearance from the forest department and we were allotted a guide to take us into the forest. We were advised by the guide not to make any noise or get down from the jeep. The jeep Safari added more excitement and fun to the jungle safari. Slowly we entered into the core area and there we saw peacocks, sambars, monkeys and different varieties of other animals. We also heard the warning sound given by the deers and monkeys which signified the presence of tigers. Finally after four hours of journey we saw a tiger so to conclude the journey was full of chills and thrills.