Kirti agarwal
by on February 25, 2017

Who doesn’t need an exotic getaway? I guess each one of us longs for at least one in the year. But we all get confused when it comes to choosing the perfect destination. Right?  Same happened with me a year ago when I was planning to go on a vacation with my family. I was in dilemma to choose from a list of destinations. So I randomly chose to visit Pune and that random decision of mine turned out to be the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. 

Night view of Pune

Yes, finally I reached Pune with my mum and sister out of nowhere. We travelled by plane. After that, we took a taxi and reached our aunt’s house. The ambience of the place was making my heart go crazy!! Beautiful mountains, smooth roads, balmy weather and everything around was making us feel good. As we reached our aunt’s house it was already too dark to go anywhere outside. So we decided to just snooze off.

Next morning we headed towards Lavasa, a small city near Pune. The beauty of the place was a treat for eyes to see. There were colourful houses built all around a beautiful artificial lake. We had so many pictures clicked and also did some of the great water sports. It was so relaxing here that we didn’t want to leave this place but had to with heavy hearts. 

Lavasa City

Next, we planned to see the major tourist attractions in Pune. First, we went to Aga Khan Palace where we got to know everything about Mahatma Gandhi. It was a beautiful museum based on the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

Aga Khan Palace

Our next destination was Sinhagad Fort. There was not much to see here except the ruins. But the stories told by the guide about the fort were really interesting.

We heard a lot about Dagdusheth Ganesh Mandir so we decided to take the blessings of God. After that, we were lucky enough to visit Infosys Campus as my sister had worked there. It was so beautiful and clean. I wish I would work there at least once in my life! I clicked about 100s of photos in Infosys Campus.

                                                                                        Infosys Campus                               

We shopped a lot from F.C road. It was a street market consisting of loads of variety and all the latest trends. I shopped my heart out there as everything was so cheap and attractive.

As we didn’t travel much in Pune we decided to go to Mahabaleshwar the very next day. It was one of the most serene and calmest hill station I have ever come across in my life.  We visited almost every corner of the place.

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Elephant point

 First, we went to Mapro Gardens, a garden designed by the Mapro brand. We saw the chocolate making process and relished the taste of Mapro juices.

Then we saw different points in Mahabaleshwar which is regarded as the ultimate beauty of the place like Arthur’s seat, tiger’s point, Kate’s point, sunset point. I and my sister also had a camel ride.

So with this ended our Pune trip. As it was a random selection of the place we enjoyed it even more.  Trips make our life easy going. We should at least go to one such trip every year to spend some quality time with our family.