Sandip Kumar Nath
by on February 13, 2017

The day was 29th December 2016.Me and my other three friends went to “Sapua Dam” at 9:00 AM morning by one car.First of all we went to market to take some vegitables and also taken two colddrinks both.Then we reached at Sapua.And started searching some place to have our feast.Finally we got a good place and switch over our vegetsables and all to the place.And started preparing for cook .In between that time of cook we also had some fun like played Cricket,Foot ball,Ludoo etc.

After that we had a lunch At 1:00 PM.Then cleaned all the utencils .After all these things we moved to visit the mountain and taken so many photos and selfies.Then had a lot of fun over their. And came back to our vehicle and prepared to go home .Then when we reached at the market we meet some of our bestiesand had some snacks and tea and enjoyed a lot.After that we came back to our home and fresh cleanly and hangovered the whole night.I will rembere that day when we all had a gettogether