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Mysore a sprawling city famous for it's Palace and Gardens. Its a truely mesmerizing city for people of any age. I visited Mysore on 22nd January,2017  en-route to Kolkata. I reached Mysore in the afternoon and after a quick fresh up headed towards The Majestic Mysore Palace. Built by the Wadiyar in the 1900s, it serverd as the Royal Seat for the Maharaja's of Mysore. The palace was all light up showing it's true beauty.

 A stroll around the 150acre zoo is tiresome,yet exciting for animal lovers.

The Brindavan Gardens which lies along side the Krishnarajasagara dam,is a must visit place to experience the scerenity of the nature.

All those with a sweet tooth craving, Shree Mahalakshmi sweets is a must visit. Don't forget to try of their variety of mysore paks.  RRR is a good place to have dinner. 

It's certainly a place to spend your weekend.

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