January 22, 2017 by

Since childhood I have been visiting so many places from north to almost whole of south and from west to little of east. Travelling is in my genes like a genetic code containing all the information relating to each place I visit. Being from a typically “bong “family I love travelling and basically I m a travel freak. Recently I visited Tirupati which is located in the states of Andhra Pradesh. My family wanted to visit this place for a quite long time but unfortunately we couldn’t. Last year finally we got chance to feel the ambiance of this place. It was during the “DURGA PUJA “vacations we planned our trip to tirupati. It took 2 whole day journey from train to get to this place. After reaching the place the very first terrible thing we faced was to communicate with the people. We did not know Telegu and they have no idea about Hindi. This was the most pathetic part of our journey. Ok, being on the positive side, the aura of the city was so subtle and peaceful. Next day early morning we went for darshan. Since the temple contains lot of gold with gold plated construction of the temple, we had to go through a security check before entering the gate. After reaching temple, we stood in a long queue to have a glace of the incarnation of lord Vishnu. The feeling of having getting a view of such a sacred god was overwhelming. We did not feel tired, bored or impatient during being in ready queue. After waiting for such a prolonged time, finally we got darshan. The event of darshan was of just few seconds but contained the tranquility and inner contentment. It felt I got everything and no need to ask for anything. We relaxed for some time in the corridor of the temple and had laddos which was being distributed to every devotee. The next day we went for sightseeing and finally at night we took off from the place. I enjoyed, my family enjoyed and that is what memories are made of, travel, food and togetherness.