January 19, 2017 by
New year was approaching and as everybody is usually excited about celebrating it, so were me and my friends. We decided for a more peaceful, relaxing and unique new year celebration this time, ditching the always party fashion. Well we agreed upon visiting Manali, as I called it the 'Promised Land' which you'll eventually know why.
As all of us were travelling from Delhi we took a bus to Manali, which takes about 14-15 hours. The volvo is a great option, the only drawback is that as the hilly area starts you might feel a little giddish, everything else is just perfect.
The time we reached Manali, I was mesmerised by its beauty. We stayed in old manali at hotel Hema, a budget hotel with beautiful view of river Beas from rooms. The best part its close to club house, which has alot of activities like river rolling, river crossing, go karting and many more. One demerit was that ot was around 1-1.5 kms from mall road. But was definitely worth it
The second day we decided to relax a little and just visit the near by places like the famous hidimba temple, nature park and mall road for hogging in best food available at Manali. When I talk about food, the must visit restaurant is 'Sher-E-Punjab', serves amazing food with great quality and is always filled with people cherishing their food.
The third day we rented a scooty, a very good idea if you want to visit places a little distant from Manali like Solang Valley and Nagaar castle. Only 700₹ for a scooty, that too from morning till 7 pm in the evening. Totally worth it.
First, we went to Solang Valley, a place with the most exotic view. It is also a good place for a small trek, as you have to walk some 2 kms up the mountains for the view and the shiva temple. They also provide horses, but they are useless, so I would advice rather walk and enjoy the scenic beauty. There are even sports that you can indulge in, like paragliding(a must try), skiing and trolley rides.
After that we went to Nagar Castle, where a lot of movie scenes have been shot. It is only famous for its view which was breathtaking and I loved it.
Manali has alot of places to be explored but as we were running short of time, we could just visit these few yet wonderful places. I call it 'The Promised Land' because it promises you the most beautiful, astoundind and thrilling landscapes.
A must visit place and highly recommended.