Mamta kumari singh
by on January 5, 2017
Gosh, Some tours beckon many memories.We are certainy no strangers to this fact. From listening music,searching for Dhabas on the way,roaming packs to being around the laid back friends everything just adds to the whole authenticity of the journey.And it’s amazing how in all its subtlety,the memories get so deeply interwined with our hearts.
It was September 2015,when we went for an industrial visit to India’s one of the biggest power production plant.One can certainly imagine how nostalgic it is for an electrical engineer.In the morning,I boarded the college bus full of 50-60 enthusiastic hooting giants with two faculty sitting in the front side of bus,one was around 58+ age or so.He kept scolding students for no reason and later,people crowned him with the title of the funiest element of the entire tour.I stepped inside the bus,grabed a seat saved by my friend,Puja and took a glimpse on wander lusty.Everyone was on his/her highly charged selfie mode.
Here,the journey began.We were heading to Odisha Power Transmission Corporation Limited(OPTCL), one of the largest Transmission Utility in the country.Unfortunately,the music system of the bus gone kaput.The people who were sitting in the back side of the bus started feeling an itch and hooted harder,once again and people in the front were bounded to sit mum because of the faculty sitting right in front of their noses.When the faculty tried sitting back and controlling those overly charged giants,people sitting in the front side took a breath of freedom and started hooting to depict strength in unity.That was a complete lethal dose of laughter. Meanwhile,I was absorbing the beauty of gushing water of rivers,forest coming around with my earphone on.
We reached in the evening.
The OPTCL hosted effing lecture ,demonstration in several groups which seemed never ending. All the energies popping within us since morning had drained away by now.We were deadly tired.If I had stayed there any longer,I would have slept in the grid itself.But luckily,we departed waving final goodbye and headed towards our hotel.
Next morning,the NTPC,Odisha,perhaps my favourite day.We went inside the thermal power plant and stayed there under 50 degree Celsius.We were deeming ourselves among the lucky few engineers to have witnessed such opportunity.We were guided by an engineer who seemed quite jaunty.Day completed and we returned to hotel.We had again tied knots with our killing exhaustion.
Day 3,the hydro power plant.This is where the tour ended.
It’s been so long since we went but still memories are so fresh that it often pokes us with giggles.
-----Written by Mamta Singh