by on January 4, 2017
It started off in Feb 2016, when my best friend visited Dharamshala over the weekend. He came back full of stories and excitement. That motivated me to plan my own trip. Planning started right then and there. I googled the places to visit in Dharamshala and what are the must do hikes. I messaged my other best friend would she willing to join us. She said yes. Little did we know that 4 months down the line we would be basking under the sun in Mcleodganj.
It wasn't easily planning the trip. Dates had to be coordinated back and forth. Parents needed to be convinced that we were capable of managing by ourself. Tickets needed to be booked. People needed to arrive on time. I still remember standing outside ISBT in New Delhi, convincing the bus conductor to hold on for 5 minutes as my friend was stuck in traffic. I have never felt so scared before. Finally they arrived and we flung our backpacks into the dicky. 10 hours later, we were standing in the centre of Mcleodganj. We checked into the hotel and immediately started our hike to the Gallu Devi temple. ( starting point to triund ) . We completed the 45 minutes trek in 2 hours. Karuna and I thought that we clearly weren't capable of climbing triund which is 5 hours uphill. But I said all we have is our will power. And the next day we took a cab to Gallu Devi to save up our energy and met the boys there. On the way the jeep got stuck in a huge pothole and couldn't come out, it finally did. We did the 5 hour trek and I have never felt more accomplished in my life.. Along the way, there are a lot of famous cafés. And the people we met there, we're so nice.
Karuna after 3 hours of trekking gave up and said she couldn't complete it, and Trekkers sitting next to us heard her and said "you have too, you didn't come all the here, to go back without full filling it. You can do it, its not that hard. "And she cried with joy. And we actually completed it and treated ourself with Nutella pancakes on top.
This was a trip of a lifetime and I truly believe dreams come true if you work hard enough and believe in it when no one else can,. This was my dream. What is yours,