December 12, 2016 by

Woke up hesitantly early in the morning lacking any particular path of thoughts about what to do on last lazy Saturday. Weather too bad to go outside-too overcast and nearly zero degree outside.Anyway after having the morning routine,I did just went through National Trust directory to find out a place to visit not far from my home.Flipped though a few pages and spotted Stowe garden which is only about 25 miles from here. Started my car at 9.30 and driving though a mixture of A and B type roads reached Stowe at 10.30.Showed my NT card and entered the garden.At the gate the volunteer greeted and helped me with route map,but declined as I am already familiar. Stowe garden was created by , Lord Cobham, who set the gardens out to reveal his beliefs about the politics and morality of the day. Which path will you choose - Vice, Virtue or Liberty? Surely it is a heaven on earth.

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