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The journey began from Pathankot railway station. Under the scorching sun only source of relief was cold water.
Lesson 1. Always have shades with you even if you think you might not need them, trust me no harm in keeping them handy.
Next we boarded the pre booked taxi and travelled to Banikhet which took 2.5hrs. The weather started taking a turn and soon the chilly wind started whispering in the ear. The road from Pathankot to Banikhet was much better than what I expected .
Banikhet is the gateway to chamba district . It's about 8.4 kms from Dalhousie. At night after resting in a hotel in Banikhet we went to Dalhousie and covered the checkpoints listed on the travel websites. Main attraction was the Mall road. The local people were welcoming and warm.In the cold night the sights of baked food , hot momos and pancakes after shopping got us going. Cafe Dalhousie caught my eye because of its winsome British interior.
On the way back to hotel our driver drove at a fast speed which got our heartbeats faster since the roads were narrow and the night was dark and dude we were so much above the sea level surrounded by trees and pin drop silence. Okay it was creepy.
But the boundaries and maintenance of the transport system were the proof that Dalhousie's major industry is tourism.
The night view of the hill station becomes more beautiful as you travel up the hill. It's like diwali in June. Mesmerising.
The constant party feel , delightful music from the shops and cafes , beer and other alcoholic beverages were definitely compelling.It was like a small world of its own .
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Devang Shah
Want to visit .....have been to dharamsala from pathankot n its so scenic also track to Triund in Dharamshala....mesmerising view of mountains and whole town...:)
Like it,nice destination.