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Hai to all
A Long and different spot location make fun in this place
Journey Started on 15-Sep-2015 at 8 PM near koyambedu one of my friend was on the way and me and other friend are waiting for him for long time bus has arrived and it's already 9 PM, Bus driver stared bus at 8.45 PM , But my friend has not came and we are waiting for him one of my friend requesting to driver and constructor wait for 10 min .All the necessary are taken and advance hotel booking are taken no option , if we return back all will be cancelled lose of money and we are waiting for another 5 min exact time i remember it around 8.55 PM . But bus driver hesitated and started bus with blink of smoke we hope i lost all happiness of travailing to ooty .finally my friend arrived with full of sweet on head and body.Finally we capture his head from bus and pushed in side the bus. we seat in reserved place and taken deadly breath for a while.Bus-cleaner starter giving snakes with small bottle for all reserved passenger in bus. we all have one each in head Bus started and enter in to highway with speed of 60 Km-pH we three started talking about what we made mistake while starting from room. slowing we taken nap for 20 min and bus stopped near one of the hotel and all passenger are stepped down and had there dinner with different variety with paid.later seat in bus in given reserved seat .It was around 11 PM and stated sleeping i was near to windows seat. which make big disturbing while sleep knocking windows till bus stop in near stations